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  1. hjv2

    FS: Aero Hooch Hauler Brown CXL FQHH Size 42

    Offering for sale my Aero Hooch Hauler in exquisite, dark, grainy and mid weight batch of Brown Horween Chromexcel Horsehide. Very easy to wear; doesn't fight back nor need any warming up like the super heavy stuff. Custom order from December 2021. Only requested length measurements applied, no...
  2. Thebuzzard

    White’s custom bounty hunter 9.5 black CXL

    Here are my 9.5E Whites custom bounty hunter in black Chromexcel 8”, cream liner, dress medallion tow cap, unstructured toe box, commando mini lug half sole, standard double stitch, single sole, all antique loops, with pull loop, on 461 last for the lifted toe. I wore these for half of one...
  3. Observe

    Schott P613S Black CXL Steerhide Size L $800 OBO

    Hi, another catch and release from a fellow member here. I went a bit overboard with jackets lately and I'm realizing I now have too many. This jacket is beautiful but it's gotta go. I paid $800USD for this, looking to get as close to that as possible. Free shipping in NA. Open to offers, not...
  4. K

    WTS Viberg Service Boot 310 BCT - Horween Olive 8.5

    For sale those beautiful Viberg 310. They don’t get the attention they need. Worn 1 time for about 8 hours. Asking for 750€. Shipping in Europe for free. Glad to ship internationally just give me a DM. Located in Germany. The denim heads from Prague describes the boots as following: The...
  5. mvilla

    WTB - Aero premier Highwayman in Brown CXL, size 42

    Hey guys, I'm just putting this here as a long shot, to see if any of you have one of these available that's not seeing too much wear lately, and feel it could go to a new home (bonus points for friendly prices ☺️) I'm searching for one with something near these measurements: P2P: 22-22.5in...
  6. R

    Johnson Leathers M-120 (A-2) CXL Horsehide - Size 40/42

    Hi Folks, First time poster/seller: For sale you have a Johnson Leathers M-120 (sort of an A-2 pattern) that Alan helped me to put together back in 2017. Leather is Horween Chromexcel 4oz horsehide in brown over dye, with brown knits, antique brass hardware, and black poly quilted thinsulate...
  7. GE JD

    For Sale: Iron Heart / Aero Collaboration Leather Horsehide Jacket Size 46

    FS: Iron Heart / Aero Collaboration Leather Horsehide Jacket - Size 46 Fantastic pre-owned Iron Horse / Aero Jacket. Great cut, leather, and condition - obviously well cared for. Supple, slightly broken in heavy CXL horsehide. HD everything on this jacket. It appears from the tag in the eBay...
  8. BotanPhotography

    Midnight Blue CXL Hooch Hauler

    I wanted a Hooch Hauler for a long time, as it is absolutely my favorite model and after seeing Ton’s Halfbelt in Midnight Blue I had to get it in the same color. The wonderful Chloe at Aero helped me with this order and request. I think they absolutely nailed it. The lighting isn’t perfect in...
  9. M

    3 Aero Board Racer jackets - Veg Tan and CXL available (sz 38-40)

    HELLO!! First, I'm so happy to have found this forum as it has been so educational on the path to finding the "right" leather jacket for me. I had to take a leap of faith and order a few jackets in order to learn how sizing works and what is best for my tall, skinny self. THAT said, I have a few...
  10. G

    WTS / WTT Schott x Context CXL 113 size 44 brown leather jacket

    ForumsClassifieds WTS/WTT Schott Context CXL 113 (XL 44) JUL 20, 2020#1 GoodkareemNew in Town Original Retailer's Description: The CXL 113 is the product of a collaboration between Context and two legendary American manufacturers: Horween Tannery and Schott NYC. This classic “D Pocket”...
  11. T

    Schott Perfecto P653 Horween Chromexcel Steerhide S

    Hello folks, this one was bought by my wife in the hope that Men's size S may fit her, and it did to some extent, but she hasn't really been wearing it, may have been worn less than 5 times outside the house This is the now discontinued Schott Perfecto P653 in Horween CXL Steerhide burgundy...
  12. T

    Alexander Leathers Montana 40 CXL Steerhide $475

    Catch & release, just received this one, a bit too heavy for my liking This is Alexander Leathers Montana in size 40, very similar(or rather exactly same) pattern as Aero Barnstormer, in heavy CXL Steer. Great condition, soft buttery steerhide. Wool Tartan lining, one interior pocket, belt...
  13. T

    Thursday Boots Motorcycle Jacket CXL Natural - M

    Hello TFL Up for sale is my TB Motorcycle Jacket in Heavy Natural CXL Steerhide, size is tagged M This was first CXL jacket, and although I love the fit, construction and design, it was always a bit too heavy for me. I have several CXL jackets in both steer and FQHH, and this is easily the...
  14. T

    Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH Size 42

    For sale is a beautiful Aero Sheene in Brown CXL FQHH, with contrast stitching, Light tartan lining, one inside pocket & zippered sleeves Got this one only a couple of weeks back, bought from the original owner of the jacket. Here is the link...
  15. D

    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    Hi there, New member and first-time "poster" here but somewhat of a long-time lurker to TFL. I'd like to offer these here before posting up eBay to try and be a bit more of a productive member here as I'm not typically the type to post on internet forums. I have two items for sale, both...
  16. M

    Schott P613S (Heavyweight Steerhide CXL)

    Hi all! First off, this is my first post ever to FL. I’ve been reading the forums for a long long time though. Anyways recently (two days ago) I bought Schott’s P613S in black. It’s absolutely stunning. I had a 613S prior to this and even though that’s Schott’s heavyweight steerhide it feels...
  17. E

    Fit check Aero Premier Highwayman

    Aero Premier Highwayman in black CXL fqhh with zipped sleeves. Brass hardware. Bought from the Aero's sale section in order to mainly use as a "fit jacket". How would you improve the fit? I am thinking of adding an inch or so to the sleeves and - maybe - pulling in the waist section a bit. I am...
  18. andrewvvv

    WTB: John Lofgren Donkey Puncher 8.5 Natural CXL

    Hi! looking for a pair of Lofgren Donkey Punchers in 8.5 and the "Natural Chromexcel" colorway. Any condition is fine with me! Comment here or message me if you have any leads. Thank you!

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