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  1. D

    Cockpit USA Navy Carrier Pilot's G-1 Jacket

    Does anyone have any opinions and/or experience with Cockpit USA’s Navy Carrier Pilot's G-1 Jacket? I think they used to call this their Forrestal G-1. I have their 100 Mission G-1 (their fur collar version of this), Mil-spec G-1, Top Gun G-1, and 21st Century USAF A-2 jackets. I also have an...
  2. M

    FS: 1969 Star Sportswear G1 42

    Amazing 1969 G1. Super clean inside and out. Few small holes in the knits, name tag removed, Castillo stamped inside leather not noticeable when wearing. Collar is all intact, nice and thick, synthetic if I had to guess. Leather is in great supple condition, I’m not sure if it’s cow or goat. If...
  3. M

    FS: G-1 SPEC. MIL - J-7823C

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I‘m a long time reader of this forum, this is the first time I‘m posting or selling anything here. I‘m thinking about selling one of my jackets, so I wanted to let you guys know first. :) I bought this jacket a view years ago and had it sent from the US to Europe by a...
  4. Q

    G-1 Customization Project

    Good evening all! I’m brand new here and have been lurking for a while after coming across some of the great postings on flight jackets during my Googling. This is a wonderfully quaint site in general and I’m glad I found it! I’m based in the UK and I wanted to seek some advice on sourcing...
  5. O

    Rainbow Country G-1 55j14 USN Flight Jacket LW Foster sz 40

    Selling my Rainbow Country (California MFG Co) buffalo hide leather flight jacket G-1/55j14 L.W. Foster, size 40, blackened brass Conmar zipper. Made in Japan. Jacket is in perfect like new condition. Selling it because it fits like a small (like a vintage 40s size 38). Measurements p2p 54 cm...
  6. Jumper

    Cooper blue label G-1 fit question

    I've come across a Cooper G-1 blue label jacket, size 46R, online but cannot get the seller to measure it. It's at a very low price, and I've long wanted a good G-1, but I have no idea how this would fit, nor do I know its vintage. I know that G-1s, A-2s, etc. are all over the map when it...
  7. VillainOfNash

    Eastman G-1 55J14

    For sale I have a G-1 USN reproduction jacket made by the Eastman Leather Clothing company (ELC) The jacket is in great shape, all zippers and buttons function as they should. The Vegetable Tanned Goatskin is in great shape, as are the 100% worsted wool knits, and the rayon lining is in...
  8. 6

    Mexico made Gibson Barnes G-1 quality?

    For a number of reasons I'm sure, G&B has moved their leather jacket production to their plant in Mexico. I do no not know exactly when they did this. Has anyone purchased a Mexican made G-1 and can offer insight to the quality and sizing? For numerous reasons I am debating between G&B and...
  9. O

    Buzz Rickson's A-2, Vintage Foster USN 55j14 G-1, Real McCoys C-2

    1) Buzz Rickson's A-2 flight jacket, horse hide, size 40. 2) Late 40s Vintage 55j14 G-1 L.W. Foster Sportswear goatskin USN flight jacket, size 40 3) Real McCoys C-2 USAAF wool vest, size 40 (fits like small) 1) Buzz Rickson's A-2 flight jacket, horse hide, size 40, Rough Wear specs. Used but...
  10. Lawless

    WTB Cockpit USA BLACK Mil Spec G-1 sz 44

    I know its a shot in the dark but I'm new here and thought I'd give it a whirl. Heres a link to what I'm talking about at Legendary USA https://www.legendaryusa.com/Cockpit-Mens-USN-Submariner-G-1-Leather-Flight-Jacket.html
  11. Raven2k360

    Identifying G-1 Maker w/o any lables?

    Hey guys, I acquired a G-1 on ebay for a killer deal; but was wondering if there was any way to identify the maker? There are no labels other than the Blood Chit sewn into the inner lining. eBay auction said it belonged to a Navy pilot that served from the late 80s to early 00s. I know for...
  12. S

    Help IDing Alexander Skarsgard's flight jacket from The Little Drummer Girl

    First of all, hello. This is my first post as a new member on this forum. I would greatly appreciate this forum's expertise and help. Publicity shot: https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/2018/08/21/d8d068bf-343d-4ea2-9263-4af6b56b614c/668b1f9f59d329b37de9f114330db0de/180821-little-drummer-girl.jpg...
  13. S

    Want to Buy: Eastman G-1 (55J14) in Size 38

    Hi all, New member, but long-time reader. This might be a longshot, but I'm interested in buying an Eastman G-1 (55J14) in Size 38. Thanks!
  14. pjman

    My latest G-1

    I recently sold a Flight Apparel Industries replica G-1, and with the money I got purchased a 1971 D series Star Sportswear G-1, in outstanding condition. It's goatskin, with a Dynal collar. The leather and lining are perfect, with no holes or tears or excessive wear. One cuff does have a rip...
  15. pjman

    Vintage G-1 brands to avoid?

    I'm looking to purchase another vintage issued G-1, and I'd guidance on which brands to look for and those to avoid. I know that Irwin B. Foster and Martin Lane are considered better brands, but what about Imperial Leather and Star Sportswear? I have five issued G-1's in my collection (a '69...
  16. D

    Cockpit G-1 Top Gun Heroes Jacket

    I posted about these jackets in another thread, but I wanted to start a dedicated one for the Cockpit G-1 Top Gun Heroes Jacket. I have tried on 3 different sizes so far and took measurements and pictures for everyone's benefit, in case some of you have been contemplating getting one. I can...
  17. D

    Proper G-1 Jacket Fit?

    Hey Everyone! Been lurking on this forum for a while, but finally decided to join! I included a picture of me in my Cockpit G-1 "Mil-Spec" jacket (Style Z2108) in a size 42 regular. I am 6'2", 185 lbs, normally wear size 42 suits, and my chest measures about 42" at the widest as well. Can...
  18. pjman

    Washing my G-1?

    I've read several threads on here about washing leather jackets to help clean and restore them. Would washing and air drying cause a goatskin or cowhide G-1 to shrink to any degree??
  19. P

    WTB M422 size 42-44

    Just had my heart broken by an Ebay snipe for a Gordon and Ferguson M422a. Looking to buy a size 42-44 and seeing whats out there. Also always on the lookout for old USCG items. Thank you for your time.
  20. pjman

    My latest acquisition, and first "issued" G-1

    I have four other reproduction G-1's, but recently purchased my first 'issued' G-1, a Ralph Edwards size 42 regular, made in 1984 (if I'm reading the barely-legible tag correctly?). In short, I love this jacket. It fits me perfectly, and the color is a lighter shade of brown than my other dark...

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