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  1. L

    Belstaff vs Vanson leather jacket

    Not sure which to choose out of these two, could you guys help me out? Cheers!
  2. R

    SELLING (UK) - Vanson Dominator 2 Sz40 £450

    Longtime lurker to the forum looking to sell my used Vanson Dominator 2 in Comp Weight. Looking for £450 + Postage, pref to a UK buyer. Happy to chat if outside UK, but would need to look into how to send it overseas. Ordered in a standard size 40, only customisation was to the hardware -...
  3. C

    Like new vanson comet. Sz48

    Recent acquisition. Black vanson comet in size 48 mid weight leather. $400 obo will ship to the US on my dime. Pics coming in a bit or in messages. Jacket is basically new. Willing to trade for brown Cafe style or blackened brown in 48.
  4. Jejupe

    For sale Vanson Ike, rare brown hh size xl

    For sale a rare horsehide Vanson. Vanson made a small run of these for Orvis. In good condition, show some signs of wear, but is far from broken in yet. Asking € 600 shipped world wide! P2P 26” Hem 25” (adjusters open) Sleeve 27” Back 27” Shoulder 22”
  5. VansonEnjoyer

    FS: Vanson Model J Car Coat in Size 44

    Greetings, I'm a longtime lurker and this is my first post on TFL. I would like to sell a Vanson Model J in tag size 44. I bought this jacket two years ago at a german Vanson retailer. (wwag) I haven't worn it much since it does not really suit my "style". The coat is barely broken in and the...
  6. E

    Real McCoy J-24 vs Vanson C2

    Hi all, new poster here. Looking at getting my first truly quality jacket. Have a few Vanson’s which I absolutely love, but looking at a Real McCoy J-24. I don’t have access to any of the high-end brands in person, so wondering what are the main differences I’ll notice between them? What made...
  7. F

    Vanson Café Racer – Mohawk – Medium - $299 + Shipping (USPS)

    Excellent Condition, Catch and Release, Simply do not wear, have one too many. Non-Smoking, Pet Free Home, Check the Measures No issues with the Jacket. Paypal FF preferred but flexible, also will be listing my Schott 141 40M
  8. Bobby Schneider

    Vanson c2 size 38

    Hello loungers, Last year I bought this gem from @dannyk more photos and description here: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/vanson-e-or-c2-classic-cw-sold.102545/#post-2742233 Selling it because I recently got a Langlitz in goatskin and I really don’t need to have 2 crosszips in my...
  9. SammyGee

    FS: Vanson Force Motor Patrol Jacket Size 44 Black

    $300 plus actual shipping cost from Los Angeles, CA Vanson Force Motor Patrol Jacket Black Size 44 (label) New from Vanson these are $599 Chest (pit to pit) 23” Waist 20” Shoulder to Shoulder (back) 20” Length Back 24” Sleeve along the edge 26” Sleeve Straight (not sure I measured it...
  10. Bluechel

    Looking at buying a size 50 US, Made in USA

    I've realized that chasing the dragon out there has resulted in poor results because of the inability to assess what size I am really getting, what condition, etc. (You know the deal) so I am looking internally to see what you all may have that needs a new home (in my rather large size!)
  11. Joshua Holland

    For Sale: Vanson Perforated Leather Jacket (1990's)

    This Vanson jacket, although from the 1990's, has little wear and is like new. I am the only owner. Perfect for warm weather riding as you can feel the wind through it while having a layer of protection. I believe this model was know as a Breeze. Label says large, but it is on the slim side...
  12. mjunderw00d

    FS: Vanson + ButterScotch + LeftField "Aloha Commando" Size Small

    Album: https://imgur.com/a/IQcvDYY Selling this unworn, beautiful Vanson “Aloha” Commando (tri-lab with LeftField and ButterScotch). I took a chance on it, knowing it might not fit, and it doesn't. It pains me to sell, because this jacket is perfect — just not perfect for me, fit-wise. The...
  13. mjunderw00d

    Custom Vanson — any insight?

    Apologies if this info is floating around, but an initial search didn’t uncover anything obvious. I’m between sizes on the Vanson Commando (LeftField and ButterScotch Tri-lab) and am toying with the idea of having modifications made to the fit (on a new jacket order, by Vanson during the...
  14. M

    Vanson CHP Size 40

    Beautifully broken in Vanson CHP cross zip motorcycle jacket, size 40. Original competition weight leather, broken in the perfect amount. I am not sure when this jacket was built, but it sports a talon zipper. The main zip is a bit fussy to get started which I think could be mended by re-sewing...
  15. mjunderw00d

    WTB: Vanson Commando leather jacket (size XS) or Fine Creek Leon (size 40)

    Been looking to find one in XS, but easier said than done. I’ve only seen one for sale (over on Grailed), and the measurements of that jacket are smaller than the stock specs listed online. ButterScotch, a stockist, said they only sell them MTO, but it’s not currently an option while Vanson...
  16. Y

    Selling My Competition Weight Steerhide Vanson C2 Biker Jacket Size 34 / XS Used in Great Condition

    Please check out the item on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353429942998 This is a superb heavy weight Vanson leather biker jacket made from their top notch well-reputed Black Competition Weight Steerhide. This jacket features a very distinguishable bad boy rocker style and provides full...
  17. deepestbluest

    Vanson Portland Cafe Jacket, Size Medium

    A beautiful, barely used Vanson Portland jacket, size M. This jacket is in fantastic shape, the only signs of wear are tiny signs of training on the arms. The leather is extremely high quality and much softer than any other Vanson I've owned (E-150). It feels luxurious and thick yet doesn't...
  18. LordOfLeather

    Vanson Chopper Fit Pics

    I just picked up this Vanson Chopper on eBay for a reasonable price. I’m quite happy with the fit and thought I’d share some pictures. I’m including fit pics with my shirt tucked (to see where the jacket falls on my pants) and untucked (how I actually wear it). This is the Thurston Bros...
  19. Adlermyers

    Union Garage (Vanson) V7 D3O Armored Jacket, Size 40 - $575

    I purchased this size 40 leather riding jacket a couple of seasons ago from Union Garage, but only wore it a few times before I sold my bike. Condition is practically new with no damage or flaws. I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have. It's manufactured by Vanson Leathers in Falls...
  20. I

    Vanson Model B Size 46

    Vanson Model B with zip-out liner, size 46. Amazing jacket that is very nicely broken in and has soft, supple leather. The only things that I could find worth mentioning are some scuffs/scratches on the buckles, and one flaw in the leather as shown in the photos. I am only selling this...