A Day in the Life of the NY Times, 1942

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Benzadmiral, May 30, 2017.

  1. scotrace

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    Puffing powder into your pits is a gem of a phrase the Boys would have loved. "Just puff your pits and the stink just flits."

    And my grandmother called cologne over BO "Hooey over Phooey."
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  2. punchypossum

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    This is a era of fashion I am very interested in and wish to know more about.

    I am guessing the reasons for the cut off shirts is for safety and not wanting their shirt sleeves to get caught up in the press machines, and with all of that machinery there it probably gets a little hot
  3. Evan Everhart

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    4th image down from the top, fellow in the foreground looks strangely like a young Alan Flusser. Or, I've gone feverish and have just got Flusser on the brain. (Obviously, it is most assuredly NOT Alan Flusser in light of the age of the photographs, but it sure does look like him!)

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