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Discussion in 'Suits' started by Pat_H, Jul 30, 2021.

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    I find myself in the situation in which I need a couple of good, new suits. Wearing a couple of lesser suits out, outgrowing (waste wise) my Brooks Brothers suits, and simply having managed to avoid wearing suits much for the past several years has managed to put me in this situation and it cannot now be avoided. However, due to my location its a five hour drive to the nearest place with decent men's suits.

    And I need to take care of this quickly.

    So here are my questions

    Has anyone tried to order a Brooks Brothers suit over the net, and what would I need to do sizing wise to make sure it wasn't a disaster? I have one really good suit now that fits right, but I'm not a tailor so if I take measurements from it, well. . .

    Anybody recommend anybody else for suits that can get them sent quickly?

    Brooks Brothers used to have a nice double-breasted suit, but the dark one seems to be a thing of the past. Any other recommendations.
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    Joseph Banks used to have mail order suits, but not sure if they still do that.

    I just checked and they have a web site where suits may be ordered.


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