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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by ChrisDW, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. ChrisDW

    ChrisDW New in Town

    I’m not sure whether this sort of post is considered legitimate, but I just wanted to say that I popped into the Aero Leather factory in Galashiels today, and was completely blown away by the hospitality I was shown while there.

    I had a fairly lengthy chat about what sort of jacket I was looking for (Vicenza cordovan highwayman), I was shown some options, tried a couple of jackets on, was then invited to go downstairs to be shown the various types of hide available, and then on to a tour of the factory floor. While I was there my new Aviation Leathercraft B-3 was also given a close inspection and the seal of approval...!

    I’ve no idea whether this treatment is par for the course, but it was very welcome. All in all an incredibly positive experience with some very hospitable people. It makes the idea of parting with a fair chunk of cash for one of their jackets much more palatable. I left very impressed.
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  2. Mr Knight

    Mr Knight Familiar Face

    Sounds like business as usual for Aero. They could be very busy and still take the time to welcome you and show you around, along with giving you a one-to-one advice session in the showroom and answer any question you may have.

    The most important thing that I always noticed is there’s no hard sell, sales tactics or push to get you to part with your cash. You feel like they want you to only buy the jacket that you’re perfectly happy with and if it’s not on the racks, they’ll make one from scratch for you.
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  3. zebedee

    zebedee One Too Many

    Bristol, UK
    They're a great bunch. Customer service has no comparison in my experience.
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  4. Sockeye

    Sockeye One of the Regulars

    Ohio, USA
    I have my wife onboard for a family trip to Scotland, but what is my rationale/excuse for a side trip to Galashiels aside from buying ANOTHER leather jacket???
  5. Fortehus

    Fortehus Familiar Face

    The views are beautiful :)
  6. Fortehus

    Fortehus Familiar Face

    I was there during the sale last year. Very hectic and crowded but they still spend time with customers to discuss and give advice. It’s really good customer service. If they can do that kind of service during hectic time, in your situation, I believe it’s business as usual
  7. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    It's a lovely drive/train journey from Edinburgh to Gala, with lots to see in the area - the stunning Melrose Abbey is just 10 minutes up the road for starters.
  8. Cornelius

    Cornelius One of the Regulars

    Great Lakes
    Buy HER a leather jacket?... I imagine any of Aero's Ladies Jackets benefit immensely from having measurements taken in-house.
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