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AVI LTHR's long-awaited M-422A (NXs. 416) pics and review


One Too Many
Its been a while since I did a review... But here goes...
I've been wearing this jacket often since I received it, and initial impressions stand up. Its a beaut!

Patterned after AVI's original WW2 Gordon & Ferguson M-422A, the jacket looks right and fits comfortably.
AVI have done a good job of incorporating most of the G&F detailing into their M-422A.
After a couple of weeks of wear, incl. a downpour, the goat is breaking in nicely, with grain starting to pop and creasing developing.
It certainly blocks the wind, and when layered with a light jumper, and the collar up... Ive been quite comfy in some recent UK storms.
AVI LTHR M-422A Jacket.JPG

This is a size 42 with a touch of length added to sleeves, I'm 40" chest, 5'10 and athletic build. It feels trim, yet comfy and I can wear a light sweater under.
I could possibly even go up to a 44 for that more roomy WW2 AVG-look. So, the general 'rule' would be to go up from your chest size.
AVI LTHR M-422A side.jpg

Details follow originals: Seal goatskin, genuine mouton fur collar (BETTER than some high end jackets), knitted cuffs (good - from MASH???), single ply rib-rack waistband, inside pocket, salmon-red rayon lining like most original G&Fs, repro Talon zipper and most of G&F's pattern nuances, larger left pocket etc. All the main details are there.
AVI LTHR M-422A CU1.jpg

After some constructive feedback from forum members, AVI updated some details; hang tab and label moved up, hang tab stitched through the collar seam,
second row of stitching below the collar, the left pocket being wider (another G&F nuance).
All things considered, the jacket is pretty well replicated and packs a lot of detailing for the price.
Theres always room for improvement, but thats mostly in material & hardware and then you start adding up the costs...
AVI LTHR M-422A CU2.jpg

A note on the goatskin. The leather might 'feel' a bit on the thin side in some places, but the overall thickness is pretty close to some of the top-end maker's goat samples I have, 1.1mm +/-?
(My original FO M-422A was on the thin side, as was my ELC M-422A, compared to the Headwind HL Block repro I had, Cockpit's G-1s and the HH A-2s I'm used too).
I think what makes it 'feel' this way, is that this leather is soft and supple, compared to the 'high end' goat used by the premium manufacturers, which feels a bit stiffer/ sturdier, more robust maybe... and has a different finish. So, this might be relative depending what you're comparing it too. Either way, its supple, 'gives', is relatively light and has some great grain and character.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, the goat AVI is using makes for a light, comfy jacket, and is fine at this price point, but its not the same stuff used by the high end makers.
I think if they could find that 2019 goat or at least find some that is a touch thicker... just 0.1mm thicker maybe, it would be a bonus. But thats me.
AVI LTHR M-422A Collar.JPG

Label. I understand they have valid reasons for not adding a repro G&F label, and really, it doesn't detract from the jacket itself.
I also understand that the painted USN on the back of the collar is an option.
Theres a 'notes' box when you order, to request added length or an other customisations... So I guess this is where you could request that also.
AVI LTHR M-422A CU3.jpg

The last thing I want to mention, is that this is no entry level/ beginners jacket. No Sir. This is a good 'budget-priced' original maker repro.
The general detailing is very good! The pattern, the mouton fur collar, collar profile, is excellent.... This is actually a lot of jacket for the money.
I feel its worth remembering that this is a 299 Euros (give or take, dep on where you are based).
AVI LTHR M-422A FB.jpg

Of course, it cant compare side-by-side with the top-end makers, as far as detailing and materials go, but then its a third of the price (or more)!
If you want that level of accuracy and detailing, you know who to speak too.
And... if you own an original... This may be a decent compliment that you can wear daily, without worrying about it.
Finally, a big thanks to Morten at AVI.
Customer service has been excellent. Always answers emails, always keen to try and improve and I look forward to seeing what comes next.
Thanks for reading ;)
p.s. Feel free to post pics of your AVI M-442A here also....

Here are some legends of the AVG wearing their M-422/As…


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One Too Many
Here are some legends of the AVG wearing their M-422/As…
AVGPilotsatYunnanyi1942 1.jpg

Im planning to do some custom paint work to my jacket, emulating the red Angel of the 3rd Squadron’s Hells Angels. R.T. Smith
RT Smith 3rdSQ.jpg

Comparing some original G&F M-422As


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