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Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Honey Bee, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee One of the Regulars

    Northern California
    OK folks, I need your opinions....
    when I was in high school 30 years ago...(wheels were no longer square...)
    I wore ALOT of makeup..not classy makeup, mind you, just alot of makeup.
    THEN I met The Mister...and he likes me a la natural.
    so let me ask you this...
    on the rare occasions I would like to wear makeup...what would be a good basic late 40's-early 50's basic makeup?
    I have this week free as he is out of town on meetings to play with's just a girl thing :rolleyes:
    What do you think??
  2. zendy

    zendy A-List Customer

    Honestly, from your Avatar, you are gorgeous without makeup! But, for the sake of playing:
    Red or coral lip and neutral eyes. A shadow barely lighter than your natural skin tone (with a bit darker in the corners, if you must, I never do :))
    Mascara and/or a thin eyeliner of dark brown or black with a little flick at the end. The less product and more simple the better in my humble opinion.
  3. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee One of the Regulars

    Northern California
    Thank you :eek:
    (Did you talk to my hubby ;) He tells me that all the time...course he is a smart man...!)

    I'm thinking a little mascara and a red lipstick would be nice to play with...and a possible haircut. That would make two haircuts in 6 weeks...truly a record for me!
  4. baby_butterfly

    baby_butterfly One of the Regulars

    Manchester, Uk
    If you feel comfortable not wearing make up...then I would stay minimal. There are so many women who hide behind make up these days, its so refreshing to see people who are confident enought without. However for the sakes of playing a little touch of mascara to bright out those lovley eyes and a touch of tinted lip balm or gloss could work well. If you want a little more, try tinted moisturiser cause its super easy to rub in and not mess up, as is cream blush. Layer face products lightly though!
  5. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    I think the real key to vintage makeup is not to over-do the eyes. If you look at color photos from the era, the emphasis is usually on the lips, while the eyes tend to be very understated by modern-day standards. Mascara on the upper lids, maybe a hint of liner at the corners, well-groomed eyebrows, and a neutral shade of powder would go well with traditional '40s lips.
  6. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    For a 40s look I put light brown shadow on my eyelids and under my eyes (instead of eyeliner), white shimmer on my browbone, and then black mascara with no clumps and TRY to get each lash as separate as possible.

    Lips are slightly overdrawn in an orange-y shade.

    Brows do what you want. My cut mine off and draw them on in a 20s/30s style.

    I never wear blush.

    That's my 40s makeup!!
  7. Kiri

    Kiri One of the Regulars

    BC, Canada
    I don't wear much makeup as I prefer to go au natural. I went through a phase where I wore very dark eyeliner all around my eyes.
    Anyway, my daily thing is just red lipstick, sometimes mascara. Occasionally if I'm feeling fancy I'll do a slight cat eye with liqiud eyeliner. On special occasions I do a bit of eyeshadow too in a neautral tone, like brown or something. I don't use cover up, foundation, blush or anything. I've never felt the need to nor do I really know how to to be honest. :)
  8. Miss sofia

    Miss sofia One Too Many

    East sussex, England
    I think Lizzie got it spot on, the emphasis is on the lips rather than the eyes. Although it's obviously a question of personal choice and what you feel comfortable with. I wear a light base or sometimes just powder, a neutral eyeshadow, some mascara, sometimes liquid liner, comb brows, a little cream blusher because i'm rather a yellow toned olive and tend to look a little sallow, and red or coral lips. I hope you have some fun experimenting!
  9. lframe

    lframe One of the Regulars

    Charlotte, NC
    Again, like Lizzie and Sofia said, I perfer to keep my eyes as neutral as possible. Nice brows (mine are so blonde they are white) that I tint, mascara, a little liner and a neutral, usually eggshell, shadow for me.
  10. velvetongue

    velvetongue Familiar Face

    New York
    I don't wear much makeup every day either. I usually wear sunscreen (clear, not-tinted), neutral eyeshadow in a tone that is a little darker than my skin tone, black eyeliner, burt's bees lip gloss and a MAC red or coral shade that isn't very heavily applied (applied and then blotted off). I have naturally jet black hair so black eyeliner doesn't look that harsh on me, but on you maybe a dark brown eyeliner will work.

    It's really hot here right now so minimal makeup is best, and your skin can breathe if you don't pile on the product as much.
  11. Lillemor

    Lillemor One Too Many

    I agree about the lips thing. It's all I really notice i vintage color photos. I've never seen any noticeable eye make-up on regular women aside from the occassional light, matte color. Usually what we'd describe as sky blue or light taupe. At times I wonder if the eyeshadow has just been colorized on because it's done so poorly with no regard for the lady's eye shape.

    I wear a bit more. I do the graduated monochromatic eyeshadow look but still keep it light for day wear. I'm not shy of a bit of shimmer in the inner eye corner and under the brows because I have small, dark eyes. I only apply the eyeliner on the 2/3 parts of the upper eyelid and the wings are hardly noticeable. I use a fairly large blush brush to gently sweep the blusher from my cheek apples up towards my hairline but nothing resembling the 1980s style, I'm just doing it this way because I have a round flat face.
  12. ~Psycho Sue~

    ~Psycho Sue~ One of the Regulars

    Washington DC
    I think you should wear as much as you feel comfortable wearing; if that's just eyeliner and mascara then it's going to be awesome enough. I personally dont go thru using the whole routine of powder, foundation, blush. etc... I do the brows, eyes, and lips then i am done. wha-la. :p

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