Clarks "Desert Boots"

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  1. Stringmaster

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    Following up:
    I was able to try on the Red Wing Weekenders--pretty comfortable but would have liked a little more support in the sole in the ball of the foot area--had to size down one whole size. I ended up purchasing the Astorflex Greenflex through Huckberry as there is free shipping and returns. I'm really happy with the quality (and I'm picky)--seem very well made, nice leather including the soft leather lining. I like that the gum rubber soles are a little darker in color. They fit me much better than the Clarks (less wide)--they only offer whole sizes and I sized down a 1/2 size from my normal size per their recommendation. Only negative (if it's even that) is that there is not a removable insole, but the footbed is soft and cushiony. Again I'm very pleased in the quality and they were quite a bit less expensive that the Red Wings and more comfortable. Time will tell how they hold up but I'm not concerned about that.
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    What's your Red Wing vs. Astorflex size?

    I'm an 11 in Red Wing boots when wearing insoles, 10.5 without. I'm eyeing this exact pair of Astorflex's, but would like to avoid return shipping if possible (it's Earth Day, after all!). #consumeresponsibly
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    I have about a dozen pairs of Clark's desert boots. Split about half and half between "real" Clark's and knock-off's; strangely the knock-off's generally seem more comfortable. I love the style, so versatile, goes with almost anything I'm wearing.
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    I’ll need to look into the RedWings Stringmaster posted. Those look very right.
    My best desert boot was a perfect pair from Dunham’s, and 80s outfitter selling them as a hunting shoe. Say perfect but the gum sole wore badly and the mid sole was too soft for supportive walking. I added a khaki color thin vibram sole to replace the gum and that stiffened them up just right. No support of the kind Trenchfriend is looking for though, on this or any proper desert boot or Chukka—I think the tall sides are for keeping out sand, not for ankle support.
    I wore out a pair of Clark’s in a summer a couple years ago, they were ok, nostalgic, but I did not re-buy.
    A pair of Wolverine desert boots / Chukka boots is very good with good sole support for walking. I got them on deep discount but they’re likely in the RedWing $ range or above.
    The reason I like desert boots / Chukka boots is for wearing with khaki shorts in summer. They’re fine with trousers too but a lot of boots do that well. I can’t bring myself to wear tennis shoes or running shoes unless I’m playing tennis or running, but I live in a high altitude desert where shorts are often appropriate and then for it’s either desert boots/Chukkas, Blundstones, or a light hiking boot.
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    I picked up some Nunn Bush DB's at Ross a while back that are pretty much the same as my old Clarkes
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    Well those Red Wing Chukka's are their own animals (imported I believe), so they don't fit like their handmade work boots. I typically wear a size 10 or 10 1/2 in most shoes--dress, tennis, causal, etc. My foot is a little on the narrow side, and I got the size 43 Astorflex's.
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