Darkening hides with oil or the like

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by marc-fox, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. marc-fox

    marc-fox New in Town

    Hello fellows and greetings from Germany,
    My name is Marc and after reading in this great forum for quite a while now, this is my first post.

    After wearing a Highwayman and a King of the Road in FQHH (black and brown) I've recently acquired a B-6 jacket in redskin (Aero all the way).

    While I'm absolutely pleased with this jacket I was wondering whether this hide will darken over time as it is a bit to shiny or to red for my taste.

    How would a sheepskin react to something like oil, such as the Red Wing Boot Oil for example?

    Appreciate any suggestions!

    Thank you
  2. ton312


    I would be Very leery of applying oil to sheepskin. If it soaks through you could be wearing a very expensive version of something akin to covering yourself in Vaseline. And I can't imagine the fluffy side would be too happy. I've darkened cow with oil but it was temporary. Once fully soaked up the lighter shade returns sure as the day is long.
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  3. Yep..I wouldn't try it..but if you think you might be happier..contact Aero. The pros would know.
  4. marc-fox

    marc-fox New in Town

    Appreciate your answers, thanks!
    I guess I'll stick to it as it is for now.
    I actually am absolutely pleased with it but this was just an idea :D

    Gotta get the matching red-ish Red Wing Ice Cutters for cold weather now!

  5. Monitor


    Oh hi Marc!

    And yeah, listen to HD and Ton - Sheepskin, or shearling if you will, can react all sorts of ways to products intended for smooth leather, such as oils or waxes.

    Maybe someone can correct me but I believe that the shiny finish on these flight jackets is actually all just an artificially produced coating of some sort, since shearling is actually fuzzy on the surface?
  6. dannyk

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  7. Interbak

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    Stratford, ON, Canada
    My old red Aero D1 still has a bit of shine to it. The outer coating cracks and can flake of in spots, just like pictures you see of originals. I have no idea hold old this one is, I've had it for probably 5 or 6 years and got it on a trade. Definitely doesn't seem to darken naturally. Just wear the heck out of it, it will gain it's own character.

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  8. marc-fox

    marc-fox New in Town

    Sounds great, I love these cracks and marks on those old jackets...
    Let's see how long it will take :D
    And yes - the gain of character over time is probably the best part of leather jackets :)

    3 years ago I got my first one, an Aero King of the Road. It was a present by my boss at the time. A cool old fellow, wearing everything this forum would like, driving around in his 1938 MG TA :D
    It was to small for him and I guess he liked me somehow... :)

    So this was my first step into this type of thing. This jacket has definitly character now!
    Now I got this B-6 and a Highwayman, wearing them alternating every day.

    Great jackets!!

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