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Do you go Commando?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Girl Friday, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Miss Golightly

    Miss Golightly Call Me a Cab

    Dublin, Ireland
    I think it would be very uncomfortable to wear jeans without undies.
  2. Shirin

    Shirin A-List Customer

    North Georgia
    For me I have to wear undies with jeans. I tried once without and never again, bits got pulled and sore, plus it felt really weird and uncomfy.
  3. exquisitebones

    exquisitebones A-List Customer

    I did not realize people went out with out skivvys on? :eek: [huh] ;)

    I dunno, I dont think I could do it.
    Plus ya know, women tend to.. um...have natural bodily fluids during various stages in your cycle.. what do you do then?
  4. Lillemor

    Lillemor One Too Many

    Back in high school when we girls were talking and changing in the PE locker room we did notice that one of our friends wasn't wearing anything under her jeans. It really shocked us all but no one said anything. I think it hadn't occured to any of us that some "go that way" and I did think it would be uncomfortable. I didn't "confront" her about it but I talked to another friend about it later (I know it's not nice to talk about people but we were teenagers!) and my other friend apparently knew a little more about our friend's family through their families being married together in some way and she said it's just the way they go in that family. Okay...

    I used to prefer to sleep without anything at all. Now I prefer a nightie of some sort but no under garments unless it's that time of the month. I can't understand how anyone can sleep in PJs regardless of how cold it is. I can't comfortably sleep in anything with legs as much as I want to when it's cold.
  5. Odalisque

    Odalisque A-List Customer

    San Diego Ca
    I prefer commando unless the necessity arises. Never had any issues with discomfort or..... fluids, to put exquisitebones' mind as ease. lol lol

    I always wondered where the term commando came from though....
  6. Annyth

    Annyth New in Town

    Exeter, UK
    Never go commando under trousers, of any kind. (Now, keep up with the Limey terminology at the back, there)

    But in summer, with skirts of knee length or below, and in anything below a Force 8 wind..All the time. Why make washing for yourself?
  7. miserabelle

    miserabelle One of the Regulars

    In the winter I like pjs because I find if I'm just wearing a nightie it always, no matter the length rides up and I have cold legs.
    I like wearing my boyfriend's shirts to bed ^-^

    He goes commando sometimes but I couldn't, I used to when I was a wee one but I just couldn't face it now! x
  8. *martini*time*

    *martini*time* A-List Customer

    Edmonton, Canada
    I generally prefer to wear underpants (i hate the word panties!) out under most things. I own about one thong. When i was in school my teacher told us (maybe just to freak us ladies out...i don't know) that you could in fact get a yeast infection between your...*ahem* cheeks from unclean thong underpants. I guess it makes sense...warm and dark and such. So now i can't bring myself to actually force fabric in there! If i have a particularily clingy skirt or dress, i rock my spanx with some boyshort undies. Generally, they keep everything fairly smooth back there.
    Even if i'm wearing something that you can see a VPL, what's the big deal? At least i'm wearing underpants!

    And i too have been told that at night you have to let your lady parts breathe so i generally wear nothing to sleep. Even if i'm cold. With some MINOR exceptions, sharing a hotel room with someone who doesn't need to see your bits, sleeping over at the in-laws or if there are children in the house. Otherwise, I'm naked as a jaybird! lol
  9. Laura Chase

    Laura Chase One Too Many

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I feel the exact same way, I can't wear panties under my girdle!

    Hihi, this is so cute! I go without bra, too, but I like wearing panties when I don't wear girdles. Because of the fluids, as several ladies have already mentioned... But I guess it's individual how much of that you have. Ahem... lol

    I so know this feeling, I really dislike wearing a bra! How common is it to go without bra? I think many women are surprised when I say I never wear a bra, but maybe it's mostly the ladies who have larger breasts?
  10. mentha

    mentha Familiar Face

    The Netherlands
    I usually wear a bra, until I get home from work or whatnot. Then, it's the first thing to go and usually ends up in some corner of the room after being thrown away with a sigh of relief ;)
  11. lolly_loisides

    lolly_loisides One Too Many

    The Blue Mountains, Australia

    :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  12. JennyLou

    JennyLou Practically Family

    La Puente, Ca
    I never go commando when I'm not at home but most of the time I dont wear an undergarment with my nightgown when I sleep.
  13. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    NSW, AUS
    Heh I always wear a bra out of the house and usually around the house, and sometimes to sleep in... just not the bottoms. That's... half-commando, I guess? Much more comfy than reversing halves, for me. Or not wearing a bra, which is rather awkward generally.
  14. Darhling

    Darhling Call Me a Cab

    Norwich, RAF County!
    I'm the same!! I have to wear a bra always.. panties, they are optional for certain garments. They are hard to wear with a girdle, under feels most comfortable, but not practical and over feels wierd. I can go commando under a dress if it is lined or I'm wearing a slip, that way no lines are showing! I do like wearing them over small suspender belts though, it keeps the straps in place!
  15. Magdalena

    Magdalena New in Town

    South Dakota
    Jean Harlow didn't wear undergarments but it makes me wonder what she would have done at that time of the month.I mean she must of had a time of the month since she did once get pregnant when she was young.
  16. miss_grace

    miss_grace New in Town

    There's no problem with commando.
    Admittedly, I had my doubts, and at first it was a little wierd, but now unless I wear a shorter skirt or dress, I dont wear any.
  17. annet

    annet One of the Regulars

    Antwerp, Belgium
    i only just switched to stockings instead of tights, and always wore underwear under the tights... i don't like the fuss of wearing panties under the garter belt so i wear these petit bateau shorts over them and i'm perfectly fine with that. they are long and wide enough to go over the garter belt, but tight enough to feel like actual underwear. too bad i only have two pairs and they don't really make that style anymore! i'd feel ok with wearing tap pants, but all the patterns i find for these suggest fragile fabrics such as silk, and the polyester alternative (that is machine washable) is a real no no for me (i hate polyester in general and i don't want it against my private parts!) any suggestions on what fabric i could use to make a few pairs i can wear and wash regularly? i still live at home with all my siblings, so tubs with silky underwear soaking around are not really an option!
  18. RosebudMarie

    RosebudMarie New in Town

    New England
    Ugh. For me it's different every day.

    If I've had a rushed morning and I need to go take the kids to school I've been known to drive over and back with no underpants or bra. I never wear a skirt above the knee so I have no worries.

    I don't wear them to bed unless it's 'that time'.

    I hate bras. Bras are evil. I wear them anyway or I feel self conscious, but only out of the house when I think I might see people. I usually take them off as soon as I get home...then I lose them. One in the bathroom, one behind my chair, one in the basement (laundry room is down there), one on the kitchen counter. My husband wants me to skip them altogether but to tell the truth I get chest pains if I go without a bra for too many days in a row, especially near 'that time'.

    As far as handling 'that time' I found an interesting website that deals with the history of women's monthly 'gift'. I think of all the people I've spoken to online and off you are the ones who would love to see it:
    http://www.mum.org/ (Museum of Menstruation)

    Very interesting stuff.
  19. Puzzicato

    Puzzicato One Too Many

    It was an episode of Friends. Joey introduced the term as far as I remember.

    So much fascinating material!

    When I was slimmer I used to go commando from time to time when I was wearing long dresses that looked better without a line. And sometimes just for fun. I remember walking down the street with my husband once, and he put his arm around me and patted my hip. And then kept sort of absent-mindedly stroking while he tried to figure out what was differernt! But now my thighs chap, so I wear either very big knickers or tights.
  20. Nomanolo

    Nomanolo Familiar Face

    I wouldn't do that to the people around me....

    I'm only joking

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