Do You Still Use "Golden Age" Products?

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Brian Sheridan, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Stormy

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    I still wear Chanel #5. Just can't do without it.
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  2. Old Mariner

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    This sounds more like what mine is like, although I have no Vicks, nor Asprin (I use Tylenol), and have no Ben Gay. I too, use more modern type "natural" toiletries due to reactions with certain chemicals. No cough or cold meds though (I rarely get that so, no use in keeping it.) Lavender oil diluted with Safflower oil (50/50) for cuts, infections, scar healing, any acne.

    Most of my healing type stuff is old - herbs [ancient and prehistoric eras], essential oils [ancient], homeopathy [18th century], essences (for example - Bach remedies, although I make my own) - [1920s-1930s], vitamins (although it could depend upon when they were able to create them).
  3. 1930artdeco

    1930artdeco Practically Family

    Fiance just bought me a cook book put out By General Foods in 1932. So I made a lemon Jell-O pie! Ok the Jell-O wasn't period but the ingredients are super simple and not high on the sugar count either.

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