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Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...


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just sharing my 8D addict engineers

I am leaving the engineer game...love the aesthetic but prefer the feeling of lace up.



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ROLLING DUB TRIO x BACKLASH Engineer Boot - Review

Just got these Rolling Dub Trio engineer boots in the other day. Very impressed as these are a bit different than a lot of modern interpretations in the best of ways. I am writing this review because I don't know of any other engineer boot utilizing Guidi Calf & these are actually still available in stock sizes for Brannock 7.5(25cm) and 9(26.5cm).

First off... Matte Guidi Calf! I never really got the appeal & praise heaped on this leather. I owned a pair of Viberg service boots in a similar matte black calf (Notre collaboration) that left me pretty disappointed. The leather had a strange "scrape" finish & Viberg used a celastic toe puff that really didn't age well aesthetically imo. (I am not a fan of partially structured toes w/ softer & thinner leathers). Having these in hand changes my opinion drastically. The hand feel & draping is on another level. The texturing/wrinkling on the backstay & straps offer a counterpoint to the curtainlike nature of the leather on the shaft & vamp. The matte finish really stands out in a world of oiled horse & steer. Experiencing this leather in a full engineer boot done the right way really shows off all of the qualities I missed before with the service pattern. Exceptional!

RDT's engineer pattern utilizes a lower & longer heel counter. The vamp design & buckle strap are necessarily lower than what is typical to a lot of other brands. The toe is low profile & unstructured, which makes all the difference for this leather. They have a nice almond toe shape that is more like an old Viberg 2030 than any of the overly round or squarish toes seen in Lofgren, Clinch, Role Club, Zerrows, Flat Head, or Briselblack. These do not fit into the "dress engineer boot" category so easily though, & definitely have more of a moto vibe. The shaft is roomier & the heel is a little lower, blockier, & more substantial than the elegant logger look on a lot of current engineer builds, though with a bit of curve to it. There is less of a "shapely" nature to the ankle area which makes getting them on & off very easy (I have high volume instep) & lets you know you are wearing a pull-on boot. The blacked out buckles are larger than average & there is a bit of toe spring right off the bat. Perfect balanced modern interpretation of the Engineer Boot imho.

I am an 8.5D Brannock & size 26cm worked perfectly for me, half down from Brannock is the way to go. These are tagged as part of the "Roots" collection, but the last has been highly modified & sizing is not as generous as other "Roots" boots utilizing the Munson last.

These are part of an ongoing collaboration series with Isamu Katayama BACKLASH & a Reverse Kudu edition may still be available as well. Rolling Dub Trio is killing it right now, between these & the Loro Zips acquired earlier this month I am in boot heaven!


Detailed product photos in link, one is included here.




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Traverse city
Hey, saw a guy wearing a pair of frye engineers and they were awesome. Wondering how the sizing works. Anyone know? I’m 9.5 in red wing


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so go brannock or rw?
I am a 9D on brannock- my Frye boots are size 9D. They fit me pretty good. I also have a pair of their harness boots, 9D also.

Most other brands, like Wesco for instance, I would size down a whole size to 8D. But, not Frye. Mine are older boots, I assume their sizing stayed the same.


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Thanks, the rough outs are RRL. Probably the least sexiest of the group, but the rounded toe shape and roomy vamp make them a super easy on/off.

The rough out started rolling on the first wear, and of course is an indigo magnet but the RRLs have proved themselves as great workboots, along with the HH lined lofgrens.

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