Fair Isle Sweater (Jumper) Vest

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by BigLittleTim, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I have seen some photos of these in patterns and colors I like in Pinterest, so I saved them. I hope to acquire at least 2 that are similar to the ones I found for a reasonable cost. I didn't know they were called this until I went looking around and so made mental notes.
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    Without arms we call them a Fair isle 'tank top' which to us looks like a vest, which Scots (class as similar to the white underwear under a shirt not a waistcoat).. P.s if buying machine made it won't be authentic and probably won't even be pure wool or Shetland wool, luckily enough I've got a number of them living in Scotland which I managed to pick up cheaply at charity shops, I've still not picked up the courage to wear them out often... You've deffinately got to have the correct vintage trousers to match they look rediculous with jeans, and a shirt, compared to a decent waistcoat pocket warch and shirt which goes well with any form of trousers or jeans. I've got a number of links for shirts which I will pass on to you. Ironically the fair isle came about due to visiting Spanish fishermen and the bright colours they wore. The local fishermen here developed it in to their own patterns denoting Island of origin mainly, I don't think it got reduced down to family level that was the Aran sweater from northern Ireland.
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    I was admiring these on the Aero website the other day, but with exchange they are $200.00 Canadian before shipping. A bit much for me to spend on a sweater vest unfortunately. Still, they are lovely and look like they’d be just the thing underneath a tweed sports jacket on a cold winter’s day.
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