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Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

Craig from Craigslist

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Hercules, but in a style I’ve never seen from them.



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This may have already been posted but this small Taubers cross zip is immaculate. I’m not sure if it is worth the money but that is subjective. If my intent was to wear a vintage jacket every day then I would love to find a perfect condition lesser known brand then a beat up Buco.
Save the Buco for collecting since they are so valuable and wear one of these at the same price as a used Aero.


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It’s a beautiful jacket and looks in great shape, but the price is not small. And if you want to sell this for $1200 - surely collector territory - I’d have to question the fitting of a YKK replacement main zip. YKK are great reliable practical zips. Each to their own, but surely if you’re after top money and going to the trouble and expense of getting professional zip replacement of a busted original zip done prior to sale you take the extra time and money to find and fit an appropriate vintage correct zip (Or at least an appropriate vintage repro)?


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If a jacket has had exceptional professional work done, is it better than an original jacket with broken zipper, frayed sleeves, dry leather, etc.? Like a refurbished classic vehicle, would the price need to reflect all the work done? Just asking - I know my antiques but not MC jackets. Thanks-
BTW - I’m new in town, but I’ve been lurking for seven years or more. This is such an awesome site and repository of information. I recently got the courage to become a member. Everyone here is just awesome and the outerwear shown is amazing!
I think the answer is maybe…

Some folk prefer originality above all else, even if that means unaddressed ‘damage’ AKA ’patina’ Depending on your viewpoint. eg an original lining with holes, rips or tears left as is.

Others will prefer originality that’s been mostly retained but with the bare minimum tastefully restored for enhanced wearability/longevity eg professionally patched/reinforced lining, retaining as much originality as can be salvaged.

Still others want it looking as good as new so eg a full new lining in something as close to original spec material as can be found.

And lastly some folk may just want it fixed (or even upgraded) and not care about originality/period correct faithfulness or they may even want to personalise it in some way with their own jazzy lining etc…

Professional leather repairs take time,, are a skilled job to do well and are not cheap. If you’re trying to keep it original or original looking that can take more time and money to source correct material/hardware and get a very neat job done….

So what’s preferred is really question of personal taste.

I am not a professional buyer or seller of leather jackets (some on here are and may add their more informed opinion). But if I were I think I’d sell jackets as is, so the end buyer can decide whether and how to fix any issues…

For selling cheaper jackets the repair costs would not seem worth it. For more expensive ones an expensive fix rather than adding to sale-ability may instead put some folk off, if it’s not what they’d prefer. And at high prices, that are arguably aimed at well informed and picky collectors then that goes double…

For example, very nice Blatt listed by the same seller at a serious $1200 has a YKK replacement zip main. For that money I’d expect period correct hardware or at least a convincing repro… so imo it would have been better to leave the original busted zip and let the buyer decide what to replace it with…

Maybe there’s an exception for a special and expensive jacket where the maker is still extant .Eg a main zip on an expensive vintage green label Langlitz jacket replaced with a period correct one at Langlitz itself may be value additive… but equally you could leave that up to the buyer with less outlay…

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