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French Hats and makers.

Arlesia woolfelt feora. Size 56 with the overwelt brim at 5cm and the crwon at 11cm at the center dent. That it's at the bottom of the heap of this batch doesn't mean it's a bad hat. As far as woolfelts go it's quite good actually. What made me buy it is that I already own an Arlesia woolfelt brown lords hat I really like. No labels underneath the sweatband.

arlesia black_1.jpg

arlesia black_2.jpg

arlesia black_3.jpg

arlesia black_4.jpg

arlesia black_5.jpg

arlesia black_6.jpg

arlesia black_7.jpg

arlesia black_8.jpg

arlesia black_9.jpg
Willoughby camber style hat in grey. Size 57 with the overwelt brim at 5cm and the crown at 10,5cm at the center dent. Unlined but it did have a liner once. Likely a Madelios liner, the retailer for which it was made. No labels underneath the sweatband except a small size indicator. This one came with a small bluejay feather. The quality is everything we've come to expect from Willoughby.

willoughby madelios_01.jpg

willoughby madelios_02.jpg

willoughby madelios_03.jpg

willoughby madelios_04.jpg

willoughby madelios_05.jpg

willoughby madelios_06.jpg

willoughby madelios_07.jpg

willoughby madelios_08.jpg

willoughby madelios_09.jpg

willoughby madelios_10.jpg
The maker isn't French, but it was sold under a French brand name. Another Willoughby in grey. Prince IV model, camber style with the overwelt brim at 5cm and the crown at 10,5cm at the center dent. Satin finish and the sweatband states "made in Italy". The label gives it away as being made by Barbisio, even though the cut away that part of the label. The colour is called "rimini" and the finish is called "taupe". Was sold to me as a size 57, but I don't think it is; fits like a 56.

willoughby prince iv_01.jpg

willoughby prince iv_02.jpg

willoughby prince iv_03.jpg

willoughby prince iv_04.jpg

willoughby prince iv_06.jpg

willoughby prince iv_07.jpg

willoughby prince iv_08.jpg

willoughby prince iv_09.jpg

willoughby prince iv_10.jpg

willoughby prince iv_12.jpg
Tirard Supra in brown, called Beaune (a placename). Size 59 with the raw edge brim at 7cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent. I haven't found any information about what the "supra" stands for as a designation, but it wouldn't suprise me if it means theere is beaver content in the felt. The hat has the tight felted sturdiness of beaver, without being stiff. Lovely hand to the felt as well. Shame it isn't my size.

tirard supra59_01.jpg

tirard supra59_02.jpg

tirard supra59_03.jpg

tirard supra59_04.jpg

tirard supra59_06.jpg

tirard supra59_07.jpg

tirard supra59_08.jpg

tirard supra59_09.jpg

tirard supra59_10.jpg

tirard supra59_11.jpg


Practically Family
Hard to ID a hat from the shop. However, Lucien de Brabant et Frére were top notch.

What condition the hat is in is another question.
So that's the shop? Yes, I can see it now, thanks. Here's another photo, but you can't make out anything in the liner. The person wanting help isn't helping much with pics. Anyway, this hat is on eBay for $185. Has 2 inch brim. Listed as a Lucien Brabant. Size 60 cm.


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Bought at the same time and came with a box (sans lid though).
Motsch hat in grey/taupe colour called selce (flint). Size 57 with the overwelt brim at 5cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent. Very soft felt with hardly any stiffener it seems. didn't call it a fedora, because it leans more towards the camber style that was so popular in France. This one was made in Italy for Motsch, but the label doesn't give us any clues who made it. Not the finest Motsch I've handled; the ribbon work looks a bit hurried, but still a nice find.
It's a true 57, so too roomy for me.

motsch selce_01.jpg

motsch selce_02.jpg

motsch selce_03.jpg

motsch selce_04.jpg

motsch selce_06.jpg

motsch selce_07.jpg

motsch selce_08.jpg

motsch selce_09.jpg

motsch selce_10.jpg

motsch selce_11.jpg
Bought at the same time with what? Well, with this other Motsch of course.
Motsch foulard hat in black. Size 57 with the overwelt brim at 5,5cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent. This the earlier hat of the two. Same camber style as the other one, but this is the earlier hat and the better one of the two. Soft and springy felt, which resists easy creasing somewhat. Even more roomy than the other one. All in all a very nice and well made hat.

motsch foulard_01.jpg

motsch foulard_02.jpg

motsch foulard_03.jpg

motsch foulard_04.jpg

motsch foulard_05.jpg

motsch foulard_06.jpg

motsch foulard_07.jpg

motsch foulard_08.jpg

motsch foulard_09.jpg

motsch foulard_11.jpg
Morreton Prestige Chamois in blue (navy). Size 56 with the overwelt brim at 7cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent. The proportions are spot on and the crown looks more generous than its measurements suggest. The overwelt is extremely narrow and even. The hand of the felt is nice, but doesn't scream "chamois" finish right away. You could be forgiven for thinking it was a regular felt. Its best feature by far is the glorious blue colour: not too close to black to notice and not too blue to be garish.

morreton navy_01.jpg

morreton navy_02.jpg

morreton navy_03.jpg

morreton navy_04.jpg

morreton navy_06.jpg

morreton navy_07.jpg

morreton navy_08.jpg

morreton navy_09.jpg

morreton navy_10.jpg

morreton navy_11.jpg
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Beautiful. Classic style with just the right amount of reverse taper.
There is a bit of an outward taper in the photo... mostly from the cell phone camera distortion but perhaps a little from the deep center dent as well. Viewed with the crown open it is a very straight blocking. This is one of the hats that came from a stash of NOS pieces purchased by former esteemed member RLK and shared with a few members here.
This hat was generously gifted to me by Daniele @Daniele Tanto. So a big thank you goes to Verona for this one. Funny thing is I've never seen a Fléchet homburg before. Apparently not a model they saw as a market for them. They probably should have though, because it's a very fine quality hat.
Fléchet qualité superieure homburg in dark brown. Size 56 with the bound brim at 6cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. Liner used to have a cellophane covering as there are traces of it left on the liner. Nice hand to the felt, but it takes a bit of work to shape it.

flechet homburg_01.jpg
flechet homburg_02.jpg
flechet homburg_03.jpg
flechet homburg_04.jpg
flechet homburg_05.jpg
flechet homburg_06.jpg
flechet homburg_07.jpg
flechet homburg_08.jpg
flechet homburg_09.jpg
flechet homburg_10.jpg

Daniele Tanto

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Verona - Italia
I buy fewer and fewer hats, but the ones that arrive under the wisteria must have some particular quality.
This Flechet is a top class homburg with fantastic color and the finish is superb.
Bought blind it turned out to be a size too small, so who better to wear it than Stefan?
He is another passionate for French hats so I like to see it photographed and worn, here it was enclosed in a cardboard cage without air. It is a pity

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