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Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by SWTroopers, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. SWTroopers

    SWTroopers Familiar Face

    Fort Worth, Texas
    I came to terms with booze in the school of scotch. But I find myself always reaching for gin. Gin seems to have experienced a real rebirth as of late, with several small batch gins growing in popularity. So, if you love gin, what's your favorite and how do you take it?

    I'll start. Right now, I'm drinking Magellan on the rocks with a splash of soda and a twist of lime. This gin is hard to find, but well worth the trouble. At first the faint blue color was a turn-off, as I thought it was a trendy gimmick. But now it's my favorite gin. Turns out the blue color is a by-product of the iris root. It's heavy on the cloves with an afterbite of juniper. I find with a splash of soda, it follows with a sweet aftertaste of corriander. When it comes to a classic martini, I usually reach for Beefeater or Bombay.

    So how about you take your gin? Anyone tried Distillery 209? I can't find it here in Texas, so I need your opinions!

  2. Samsa

    Samsa Guest

    I have not the budget to be a connoisseur of anything, but gin has always been the only spirit that I really like. When I buy it, I buy Beefeater, as it's on the cheap side. I drink it with tonic water and ice.

    Too bad there's no gin in the house at the moment, I could go for one right now...
  3. 60Years2Late

    60Years2Late New in Town

    Memphis, TN
    Bombay. It's not bottom shelf, and it tastes good enough to suit my fancy. Not a big Gin drinker though. I like it well enough, but bourbon just keeps calling my name. You know how it goes when you get drunk and just order your usual.
  4. rcinlv

    rcinlv One of the Regulars

    Lost in time
    Miller's. Wellbourne Strength. With Tonic, Lime and Ice. Best drink ever in the blazing heat. And I have yet to contract malaria!


  5. pretty faythe

    pretty faythe One Too Many

    Las Vegas, Hades
    I'm not much of a drinker, but my mayor could join you. A few years ago a group of school kids asked what he'd like to have with him if stranded on a deserted island....his answer, a bottle of gin. lol
  6. SWTroopers

    SWTroopers Familiar Face

    Fort Worth, Texas
    Ya' know, Beefeaters is much maligned, but a solid gin. Cheers!
  7. SWTroopers

    SWTroopers Familiar Face

    Fort Worth, Texas
    Hmm, that's one I've not heard of. I shall keep my ear to the ground for that one with an endorsement like that!

  8. BegintheBeguine

    BegintheBeguine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Cheap vodka is one thing, cheap gin is quite another. Charcoal is charcoal so I buy the exclusive Military Special vodka at the little PX but since they don't carry Bombay Sapphire I buy Gilbey's gin. For cheap, to have at home. When I'm out I order Bombay Sapphire or Beefeaters, or if that's not around Tanqueray if I must but I admit it's been a few years since I've had to have a Tanqueray. Well, I have gone out of my way to drink Plymouth, now that I think about it. :) Where can I get Boodle's, anyone?
  9. Absinthe_1900

    Absinthe_1900 One Too Many

    The Heights in Houston TX
  10. Military Special, hmmm... I read a funny story involving that stuff and cooking with MRE's once... Should I PM the link, Ms. Ashley? (It can be a little crude in spots, not quite suitable for posting here.)

    As for gin, brand probably doesn't matter much for me, since I only drink it as part of a Collins or gimlet anyway... I just pre-tip the bartender a little and trust them to give me what they think's the good stuff. (This method hasn't failed me yet, but that may just be me.)
  11. FedoraGent

    FedoraGent One Too Many

    Pasadena / San Francisco, CA

    A couple of years ago, my bartender friend switched me from Vodka to Gin. It was not an easy transition as I had many mixed drinks that were vodka in nature. However, after a couple of rounds with gin...I found that I was happy with it's taste. What is my gin of choice you ask? Well, Boodles of course!

    Oh, and Plymouth is not bad either. Those are the only two that I really like.

  12. cookie

    cookie I'll Lock Up

    Sydney Australia
    Bourbon is disturbin' ...Brandy makes you Randy... but Gin makes you SIN!

    Tanqueray - in the Green Bottle followed by Bombay Sapphire.
  13. Shaul-Ike Cohen

    Shaul-Ike Cohen One Too Many

    Some of my limited experiences of brands are:

    Bombay Sapphire: bit feeblish, but excellent for Martinis (even though I use more vermouth than today's standard)

    Plymouth Navy Strength: IIRC, I liked that very much indeed, including for Martinis

    Hendrick's: I prefer continental discounter-supermarket own brands. It's just boring and a bit weird - not even enough to be interesting at least.

    Tanqueray Ten and Beefeaters Crown Jewel: both rather good, in fact, clearly stronger flavours than their regular lines and still clearly gin, not genever or the like. Also good for Gimlets G&T etc., though in my opinion a flavour overkill for Martinis.

    I tried some others, in particular the regular Beefeaters and Tanqueray - both absolutely fine on their own and in mixed drinks. Gordon's was good, too, I think, though I don't remember it exactly - been some time since I last tried it.

    What I'd like to try yet, is Bombay "not Sapphire" Gin,but it's hard to get and probably more expensive.
  14. Caleb Moore

    Caleb Moore Familiar Face

    San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
    My drink of choice these days is a Bombay Sapphire, lime, ice and diet tonic water. Tanqueray will also do nicely.
    After an ill-advised bout with a bottle of gin as a youth (I lost the battle...) I steered clear of the stuff for years, but dared to try it again recently and fell in love with it.
  15. Spitfire

    Spitfire I'll Lock Up

    Copenhagen, Denmark.
    It's got to be Gordons!

  16. BegintheBeguine

    BegintheBeguine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I knew there was one more brand I liked, it is Gordon's. I'm no snob, though. I don't know what is in my happy hour martini (for $2.50 I don't want to know), just that it hits the spot.
    Thanks for your offer Diamondback but I suspect that story will also fall under the category of something I'd rather not know, so no thanks. ;)
  17. My fav's:

    Tanquerey 10
    and Anchor's Junepiero
    Saphire (Bombay?)

    I heard that Plymouth is suppose to be a pretty fabulous gin.
  18. LocktownDog

    LocktownDog Call Me a Cab

    Northern Nevada
    If I don't have any more oude jenevers that a friend sends me from Holland (along with Troost Slices pipe tobacco ... mmmm), then I prefer Plymouth (hard to find in my area) followed by Bombay Dry and Beefeaters.

    Funny. Just the other night I stayed after work (I get off at midnight most nights) and sat down at the bar for a martini. I work with all the bartenders there and figure they know what they're doing. I think I was wrong. lol Joe had just taken over the shift from Vanessa (the latter certainly fills out the uniform better than the former!) and asked me what I wanted. I said "Martini ... dry ... two olives." He brought it to me a minute or so later. Looked alright. Not nearly as cold as I usually like, but that's okay. Took a sip ... :eek: . Vodka. He used vodka. He apologized and told me that nobody asks for gin in their martinis anymore and haven't for years. So he always assumes vodka now. Dear lord ... what has happened to this country?!? The next one he made was nearly perfect though. I just have to remember to say "Martini ... gin ... cold ... two olives." In fact, maybe I'll put that on a business card ... or my gravestone.

  19. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    Lost Wages Mayor Oscar Goodman says that the one thing - the ONE thing - he would want with him on a desert island is Bombay Sapphire.

    Is it that good neat? :rolleyes:

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