Horween MILANO Horsehide in Havana Brown

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Drdan, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Drdan

    Drdan Familiar Face

    Rome Italy and Hannover Germany
    Steve Toohey of Simmons Bilt sent me a photo of a jacket made in this new Horween hide. I decided to have an SB Vintage Half Belt made with this new creation. According to Steve, "... The other photo is of a new leather we developed from Horween, Milan horsehide Havana brown with is veg tan, this is not as heavy as Lux but a little more rigid but does not require a great deal of break in as its medium weight."

    I will post more information as I have it, and I will post photos of the jacket once it arrives.

    Horween Milano HH in Havana Brown developed by Simmons Bilt.jpg
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  2. Jejupe

    Jejupe Practically Family

    I like the look of it!
  3. regius

    regius Call Me a Cab

    New York
    Interesting name, Hidehouse distributes a “cowhide” also called Milan

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