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    Moderator, this sub-forum appears to be the least inappropriate location for my query. If you must,delete it.
    In 1989 a friend and I were in the parking lot of Jack's Pizza in San José, California. We were to meet other friends to munch, drink, and watch the first game of the World Series. And the parking lot began to undulate — the movement then to terraform everything in sight to resemble the far side of the moon. After-earthquake reporting was that San Francisco received significantly more damage than Saratoga in Santa Clara County where I lived. Power outages were nearly total in San Francisco and much of the Bay area.

    The following day the San Francisco Chronicle, published as though a freebie circular, was printed from elsewhere in the state. Its front page top-of-the-fold headline was HUNDREDS DIE IN HUGE EARTHQUAKE. The San José Mercury News' "Section A" had similar reporting. I have both that San Francisco Chronicle and "Section A" of the San José Mercury News. . . . And finally, to my query.

    While I have kept them away from any sunlight or other direct lighting, the Chronicle shows its ramshackle distribution. The Mercury News is in good condition. I've kept the doggone things as historical documents for more than 30 years and am tired of having them around. Have they monetary value beyond historical? If not, please recommend what I should do with them, kind've for posterity.

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