It was a quiet but pretty wedding...

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    I have spent the past 2 years uploading my great great aunt's scrapbooks to my website. I am not done yet but have quite a bit up so far.
    She collected newspaper clippings of births, deaths and marriages. The weddings are what intrigue me the most. Quite a few start with "It was a quiet but pretty wedding..."
    And then they go on to describe the outfits worn by the bride, her attendents ( if any) and the mothers.
    I had the absolute greatest satisfaction ever recently when a black and white wedding photo was posted in a genealogy group and I was able to "show" them that the bride's dress was a pale green.
    Oh! And then there are the descriptions of the traveling outfits for the honeymoons!

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    I love this so much. What a fantastic record to have!

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