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Discussion in 'Hats' started by BigSleep, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. BigSleep

    BigSleep One of the Regulars

    La Mesa CA
    I have a number of hats that I wear all the time, but I find myself grabbing my vintage Open Road most. (Its the hat in my avatar)

    Now here's the thing. For some reason this hat is much lighter than other O.R.s I have.

    On really hot days I wear a straw. On med temp days I'll wear the O.R. On cooler days my whippet or others.

    So I was wondering about finding a new very lightweight hat in the price range and quality of an Akubra.

    Any suggestions?
  2. duggap

    duggap Banned

    Chattanooga, TN
    BigSleep, I am not going to be much help, but the new Borsalinos are very light weight although they cost about twice what an Akubra would cost. Art has now gotten colors in his light weight hats. I have one and it is really something else.:)
  3. J.T.Marcus

    J.T.Marcus Call Me a Cab

    Mineola, Texas
    You may think I'm crazy, but Burlington Coat Factory often has a few fur felt hats, made in the Czech Republic by TONAK. They have fabric sweatbands and NO stiffener. If you've never put one on your head, it's worth a try! :)
  4. Mid-fogey

    Mid-fogey Practically Family

    The Virginia Peninsula
    I noticed....

    ....the Akubra Squatter has what seems to be a vent hole right over the bow. I would think that would cool it down a bit.

    Also Mark C. posted pictures of a hat he ventilated with a pattern. You occasionally see some fur felts with decorative patterns of tiny holes on the sides for cooling.

    Be cool.;)
  5. indycop

    indycop I'll Lock Up

    Jacksonville, Florida
    I don't know how inexpensive or lightweight you want but I have a Jaxon Bogart that I am well pleased with and only cost $68. the felt is thin and smooth. I also have a federation and think they are light but mine is black so it doesn't work best for the heat.

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