Like new Steerhide Aero Highwayman - Brown size 40 (fits like 44)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Hjmarquez, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Hjmarquez

    Hjmarquez New in Town

    The return of the "Like new Aero Highwayman".

    I was the winner of this gorgeous jacket just last week (Thanks Randy!), but have to say it was a complete impulse buy. I was looking for a double rider, saw it on eBay and couldn't pull away. But alas, I'm still in the hunt for a double rider and now I'm low on funds! Thus, it comes back. In essence to try and fund the next one.

    The jacket is currently sitting in FedEX here in Dallas, TX and will be picked up tomorrow. If someone is interested, I won't even open the box and just ship it like that when I go over to pick it up.

    I created the account here to try and reach out to Randy, but because of the delay in approval ended up just talking with him on eBay (awesome guy) to let him know about my plans to continue looking.

    Original asking was $850, given the change of hands and great deal, asking now is $800 + shipping for the continental US.

    The text and pictures below are verbatim from the original post:

    Was purchased new through Thurston Brothers in September.

    Details from the ad:
    Brand-New condition Men's Brown CXL Steerhide by Horween Aero Highwayman Jacket. Has mid-weight wool tartan lining as shown in photos. Has only been tried on a few times, this is still a new jacket! There are a few very light finger scrapes from handling, as well as some very light rub areas noted at the edges of the bottom seam (see photos) from packing. Never near any type of smoke, animals or food. Tag included, stitching is olive green which contrasts nicely with the mid-brown Steerhide. All hardware is nickle #5 Talon.
    More details: This jacket features a single point "V" yoke, three-pocket front, straight cuffs, nickel Talon front zipper, nickel hardware and Edinburgh lightweight tartan wool lining. No internal knit "storm" cuffs. All pockets are lined with velvety soft, yet super durable moleskin. This jacket has a left side interior pocket with no closure.
    Tag size of 40, these Highwayman's have always run large, this fits like a 44 Long:
    Pit to Pit: 23.5"
    Shoulders: 19"
    Sleeve Straight: 25.5"
    Sleeve Around: 27"
    Torso Length (Down the zipper form the bottom of collar): 22"
    Back Length from bottom of collar to hem: 26"
    *All Dimensions in Inches and approximate*

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks for looking!

    Pay Pal F&F only, No International shipping. Please ask any questions you may have.
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  2. Hh121

    Hh121 Call Me a Cab

    but you didn't purchased from here, so it is not true to claim original asking was $850. Instead, it should be the price you won from the auction which I knew is different number from 850.
    Of course you have right to sell how much you want. But more accurate (honest) information would be better.
  3. Hjmarquez

    Hjmarquez New in Town

    Very true, I wasn't trying to claim I paid the original price. Just that number was listed on the original add. I definitely got a great deal on it, which is why the contacting the seller to let him know "Hey, I'm probably not going to keep it, going to try to swap or sell".

    Now that I have a scheduled travel to Seattle in May, well, Thurston bros. is calling to go try a hooch hauler or bootlegger.

    Apologies for how it came off.
  4. fengz

    fengz New in Town

    San jose, CA
    good point
  5. seres

    seres A-List Customer

    The true value of a product (jacket) is the amount you paid for it. I just looked up the completed listing on Ebay, and yes, you got a very good deal. So why not offer it back to someone else in our TFL community at that same good deal? Or just offer it on an Ebay auction and let that market place their own value.
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  6. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat I'll Lock Up

    Thanks for joining the lounge @Hjmarquez.
    Evidently to flip your jacket for the most money at the least amount of work as possible.
    Not cool. It’s a small world fella.
    Welcome to the lounge guy.
  7. dan_t

    dan_t Practically Family

    Sydney, Australia
    Just looked up eBay too, wow, that is a bit of a difference...
    Good luck, this is a sensational jacket.
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  8. Shannon The Minx

    Shannon The Minx New in Town

    BIN was $850.
    BUT the sales price on eBay was $530.
    You're offering it at $800--over a 50% markup--using the original seller's description, pictures--and even his packing, as it's not even being unboxed!

    I'm new here, but have lurked for a while, and that is REALLY not cool at all. It smacks of taking advantage of a long-time member here to turn a quick buck. Not cool.
  9. ton312


    I suspect in short order this jacket will end up...
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  10. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    Eh, the free market at work. A "I bought it for x at a great deal so I hope to flip for a profit"'would have drawn less criticism, but I don't think asking for more dough is a cardinal sin.

    I scored a $1300 retail Buzz G-1 for a stupidly low $500-ish. I'd be foolish to not try to make a few extra bucks if it ever came time to sell-that buyer would still get a great deal. Though I'd state that. But you know, I'll probably end up giving it away or something senseless.
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  11. itsallgood

    itsallgood One of the Regulars

    I suspect OP saw an arbitrage opportunity and acted on it. If so, it would have been better to say, "I sensed an arbitrage opportunity and thought I'd offer it here first."
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  12. Robertowain

    Robertowain New in Town

  13. Downunder G Man

    Downunder G Man Practically Family

    " 40 fits like a 44" ? That would put me RIGHT off from the get go !

    And I already OWN a fairly young Brown steerhide Highwayman in 44"
    (Ex Alex Lutov of the forum , thanks again old mate )
    Now this jacket fits slightly loose , but that's the style/cut of this model.

    Why take a chance sending that kind of money around the globe ?

    As they say in Australia , "not this little black duck ! "
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2020
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  14. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 Call Me a Cab

  15. Downunder G Man

    Downunder G Man Practically Family

    In the light of this further information apologies for any inferred negativity. No offence intended. I appreciate the terminology "40 fits like a 44" has perpetuated down the line since new with this jacket.
  16. Wardo1974

    Wardo1974 Familiar Face

    Not sure why this is negative? I wouldn't mind knowing this fact actually, given how all over the map these Aero sizes are. Is it not true that the Euro ones fit right, so you might say "marked 44, fits like a 40"?

    At the end of the day the measurements are what matter.
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