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I have been shopping for a new(er) CWU-36/P issue jacket to replace my worn and faded current jacket. I found this one on e-Bay for $169, and made an offer for $150 that was accepted. It was the best looking 36/P at a reasonable price that I could find.

The new jackets since around 2010 are the matt finish Nomex with a somewhat twill texture. The older jackets like this one are still using the shiny tight-knit Nomex for the shell. I like them both, but the new jackets are north of $400. I will be getting a brand new 45/P in the new Nomex soon, but the 36/P is for warmer days.

This jacket still has the firm feel of a new jacket and has never been machine washed. An indicator of this is the puckering of material where the zipper is sewn into the jacket, and the softness of the Nomex material. All seams are intact without any fraying, and the cuffs and waist elastic are perfect.

This jacket was originally issued to a 1st or 2nd Lieutenant with slight discoloring on the peaks of the shoulder where the thinner rank was sewn to the shoulders. I didn't notice this even after two examinations after arrival, but I caught it when the light was better on the third look see.

Jacket was hardly worn without pilling on the cuffs or waist, and the sewn-in tag is in new condition.


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