OK buddy, what is this block called?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by dr greg, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Although his business is probably in his house as he doesn't have a store....I asked if he had a store as I was going to stop in and see what he had.
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    Just a note for the record, in the "Best Offer" scenario on eBay, shipping is not negotiable. It stays at whatever it is set at, and you must make your offer based on that. Just offer a price you think is reasonable (with the shipping quoted) and see what happens.

    This guy from what I'm reading reminds me of a Seller of Vintage Razors on eBay who is well known for overblowing the rarity, condition and general desirability (and thus price) of every piece he's got. I guess he used to have a huge collection, and sold some very nice pieces. But as it dwindled, and he saw prices begin to rise in general, he tried to cash in. He re lists the same piece over and over and over and....zzzzzz....

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