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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Barbigirl, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim One Too Many

    Fort Collins, CO
    I'm Albert Edgar (Jr.), and my wife claims she married me despite the name. But I've gone by Al my whole life. I guess it's a reasonably dignified first and middle name, but hardly trendy.

    My oldest daughter (born when I was 37) is Elizabeth Erin, with the first name coming from my Mom and my wife's Aunt.

    My second daughter (born when I was 39) is Alison Elise. We had agreed up to the time of her birth that she would be named Alexandra, but we decided we couldn't lay that heavy a moniker on a little kid, so we switched just before they filled out the birth certificate. Alexandra was my wife's concession to me (Al/Alex), but the kid still ended up with the same initials I have.

    When my daughters were born, we were living in Texas and I had a chance to play a joke on my father in law. he's a super nice guy, but he's a farmer who will lie to you with a twinkle in his eye while he watches to see if you're falling for his story. So.....

    When our first daughter was about to be born, I called and told him we had decided to name her "Anastasia Roberta", and I explained the reason was then we could call her "Nasty-Bob" for short. Think Texas, and it makes sense.

    He bought it for about two beats! I could hear it! Then he figured out I was pulling his leg. HAH! That's one for me.
  2. binkmeisterRick

    binkmeisterRick A-List Customer

    The Island of Misfit Hats
    I like Cecil!:D
  3. VintageJess

    VintageJess One of the Regulars

    Old Virginia
    My 16 month old son is Jackson Monroe. My husband is a Civil War reenactor and named him after Stonewall. The Monroe is after President Monroe.
  4. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member


    Our little girl is Sofia Grace.

    My neice is Miranda Lucille (goes by Lucy).

    If we have a boy some day, we will probably name him Henry Eugene (both are old family names, with the middle name of Eugene going to the firstborn boys, like JP.)
  5. Barbigirl

    Barbigirl Practically Family

    Issaquah, WA
    Oh Henry! LOL I like the name Henry.
  6. "Henry!" Sounds pretty vintage to me. ;)


  7. Rosie

    Rosie One Too Many

    Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

    I love the name Miranda also. If I have a daughter, I will name her Miranda Elizabeth Michelle (Elizabeth is the name of my grandmother and one of my aunts) or Olivia Hellen Grace (my mom is Hellen, yes with two Ls, my grandma said after giving birth to my mom that was the only name which came to mind). If I have a boy, I will name him Matthias though I'm not sure on a middle name.
  8. Lena_Horne

    Lena_Horne One of the Regulars

    The Arsenal of Democracy
    It depends on whom it is that I marry (long story) but I have two sets of names that I particularly enjoy picked out.

    Girls A:

    Lillian Edith
    Mariette Ingrid
    Anna Julia
    Eleanor Rose
    Catharine Marie
    Giada Camille

    Boys A:

    First son will be named after their father
    James Moore (after my grandfather)
    Gregory August
    Robert David
    Julian Ard?©

    Girls B:

    Lillian Edith
    Grace Lena
    Eleanor Rose
    Anna Julia
    Margaret Dorothy
    Catherine Josephine
    Nina Elizabeth

    Boys B:

    First boy will be named after father (once again)
    James Moore (once again)
    David Langston
    Henry Nelson
    Robert Cecil
    Charles Paul
    Cole Truman
    Francis Andrew

    I like to think I pick out names that emphasize either femininity or masculinity where appropriate.

  9. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    It is quite vintage. :)

    The first Henry recorded in my family was around from 1670-1745. He was my great great great great great great (6 times) grandfather. My 4 times great grandfather (1722-1794), and 3 times great grandfather (1750-1800) were both Henry as well.
  10. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    An 'enery

    Wouldn't have a Willie or a Sam...

    And Lena_Horne, that's a collection of really wonderful names. You've given this matter some thought! :)
  11. Etienne

    Etienne A-List Customer

    Northern California
    Our daughter is Amy and her name means "Beloved". Our son is Kyle and his name means "Handsome". (It's also Gaelic for "a narrow strait or channel", but, hey, handsome works!)
  12. G. Fink-Nottle

    G. Fink-Nottle One of the Regulars

    Martinsburg, WV
    My best friend from high school always wanted to have a son named Archibald. His wife would have none of it. He wound up calling his Bassethound "Archie".

    I've always thought that Aloysius or Francis Xavier would be a good name for a son. I'm quite sure that Mrs. F-N thinks differently.
  13. AtomicBlonde

    AtomicBlonde One of the Regulars

    Fredericksburg, Virginia
    I'm a Jessica Grace... named after my dad, Jesse and my great grandmother, Gracie Mae. (I'm from a southern family, cantcha tell?)

    when I was but 12, I decided on a girls name if I was ever blessed with children, and one happened to be a girl: Virginia Louise. I'm sure she will hate me for it... but its my grandmothers name, and I love it. It is written in stone, and nobody will ever convince me to change it. Knowing my luck, I'll end up with all boys. If so, I like my family names... Albert Lewis (I know it sounds awful, but there are hilarious stories associated with my great great grandfather Albert so maybe some of gg grandfathers humor and wit will come with the name).

    My children will hate my guts. First, I'll slap them with funny names... THEN, I'll make them wear funny clothes. They'll be in therapy for years and it will be all my fault. :)

  14. Gee, I was thinking of the Henry from 40s cartoons. I didn't realize it was quite that old. :eek:
    The middle name tradition makes it easy for at least one name doesn't it? :D


  15. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Practically Family

    s/e missouri
    Mark Alan...

    My first name is out of the bible....the second is after Alan Ladd..."come home Shane"

    my brother...David Wayne.....any guesses ???

    mark the shoeshine boy
  16. Johnnysan

    Johnnysan One Too Many

    Central Illinois
    Our one and only...

    Caitlin Amelia. Caitlin was a Gaelic sounding name that my wife and I agreed on. Amelia was my grandmother.
  17. Anagaharad

    Anagaharad New in Town

    My sisters name is Emily Elizabeth.................

    My name is Adele Renee Detwiler. In my family the oldest girl in each generation gets the name Adele. My mothers has it, her aunt has it, my great grandmother had it and her aunt had it. Im hoping to have kids before my sister! the name also flip flops between being the middle name and being the first name.

    My husband and i dont have any kids yet (we are waiting for me to finish college) but the names we have picked out are

    Girl: Katrine Adele

    Boy: Gabriel Richard ( for my husbands deceased brother. He died in iraq)
    or Wolfgang Jordan (yes, my family is VERY german)
  18. Tony in Tarzana

    Tony in Tarzana My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Baldwin Park California USA
    Yikes, I'm 45, no kids, and if I have one tomorrow, retirement and college will hit at the same time. Then again, my Dad was 54 when I was born, and Mom was 45. I'm glad to have had parents who had that much life experience, even if it did mean losing them at a fairly young age, Dad when I was 20 and Mom when I was 37.

    If I do have kids, I will have to start taking far better care of myself.

    As for names, Ernest seems to run in my Dad's family( it was his father's and oldest brother's name), and Phoebe was his mother's middle name.

    I think when choosing a girl's name, one should consider how it would sound if Maurice Chevalier were to say it. ;)
  19. binkmeisterRick

    binkmeisterRick A-List Customer

    The Island of Misfit Hats
    Hmmm... Weren't there a couple of English kings named Henry or something? :p
  20. Yeah, there is that. :p :D

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