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Out Your Back Door

Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by BobHufford, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. 3fingers

    3fingers One Too Many

    It's a long term process. When we bought our current home it had been owned by the same family for 60 years. The old folks hadn't been able to keep up with it for some time. I told my wife that it would take us 5-10 years to get it reasonably close to where we wanted it to be. I don't think that she believed me. Obviously the first couple of years made a huge difference in appearance just by cleaning up the yard, etc. It has been 7 years. We might be close in 2 more years.
  2. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    I rather like the "barren" look. In our little corner of southern California half an acre is considered to be a fairly sizable lot for a residential property so, by comparison, most lots look even smaller because the owners tend to almost fill them with any variety of plant life which takes up whatever open space they would have otherwise. Don't misunderstand me--I like plants and trees, and around here they stay green nearly year-round. But some people get carried away with planting things here and there, and soon their small yards just look cluttered. I don't like clutter, so "barren" gets my approval.
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  3. William G.

    William G. One of the Regulars

    I see what you mean. Val and I started planting flowers last year before the humidity got so awful, we sewed grass seeds, we bought wood to build a swing — and only a few of the flowers survived, most of the grass didn’t take, the swing still hasn’t been hung. It’s a slow and steady process for sure, and it’s been a learning process for us.

    That’s valid. And the view is much prettier when there are leaves in the trees.
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  4. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    New Forest
    Come and tell that to my missus, her creative streak in dressmaking extends to the garden.
  5. 2jakes

    2jakes I'll Lock Up

    Alamo Heights ☀️ Texas
    I like the "clutter" look. My grndma had peach, orange,lime,trees and one pomengrade tree in the back and banana
    plants all over....& I was Tarzan! :p
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  6. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    When I was growing up we had nine avocado trees, an orange tree, a peach tree, a nectarine tree, a fig tree, a rose bush garden, three small lemon trees, two smallish strawberry patches (approximately 6' in diameter), two banana plants and a variety of "tropical" plants in the three-foot space along the front of the house, and, creating a border of sorts between the street and the yard, a patch of ivy five feet wide and 140 feet long, bisected by our double-wide driveway that can accommodate four cars easily. All on approximately half an acre of land. And that's not counting the space occupied by the house or the 8' x 8' chicken coop in the back yard.

    So, yeah, as a kid playing Lord of the Jungle it was great. Trees to climb, fresh fruit to eat, fresh eggs, and so on. But as an adult it all becomes "maintenance" and it's a real time burglar.

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