People are just too afraid to have fun!

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Matt Deckard, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    I've been talking to Senator Jack and noticing I'm am not crazy.
    People are too afraid to have fun.

    You hit the hip-hop dancefloor and people are phoning in their steps until they see someone go out there and really get into the music.

    I think the vintage scenes like the swing dancers and the groove dancers in the mod clubs dive in a bit more because they know they are there to let go. It's about fun and not how you look.

    Too much goes into those thoughts of "how would it look" if I got on the floor. Rather than try to make my Charleston look perfect I'd rather have fun. It's a dance... not a mathmatical breakdown of how many different things I can do on the dance floor.

    Flail a bit and let go. It's what I see in the old filmswhen it comes to Swing and Charleston and Groove.

    Pianos were in houses and people weren't afraid to sing either. I went to a wedding a few years back and I started the chorus in song... I did it because no one else would.

    Have fun. Sing a bit more. and don't be afraid to be the idiot once in a while.
  2. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    Not just fun

    "You can accomplish a lot if you don't care how you look."

    .... Lance Armstrong
  3. Miss Neecerie

    Miss Neecerie I'll Lock Up

    The land of Sinatra, Hoboken
    I am fun impaired...but I have always said I am.

    I need some sort of fun coach.
  4. fleur

    fleur One of the Regulars

    North Devon, England
    Im all up for having fun and if there is someone leading a good old sing song it will be me and my daughter - it always gets everyone going, clapping and laughing.

    There is too much of the fun police around in a lot of places.

    But then again - although not teetotal - I more often than not go out with my friends, stay sober and have the best time. Usually to be found dancing on the stage in front of everyone.

    Im not really an extrovert but like to have a good time and let my hair down... it takes so much pressure off a pretty hectic, mundane life.

    I just wish more people could!

    *stepping off soap box*
  5. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Darn those fun police...
  6. Daisy Buchanan

    Daisy Buchanan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I'm all about having fun!
    Matt, you'd make a great fun coach, but Neecerie, I know you've got it in you, I saw you Friday night! That was fun!!
  7. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    You want fun?

    Well you've gotta work for fun!

    'Cause fun don't come easy!
  8. RedPop4

    RedPop4 One Too Many

    Metropolitan New Orleans



    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that since the invention and growth of the means of mass communications and recording, that the have fun, participate mentality has been on a general decline.

    In our day in time, people either want to make it "big" or at least be on the stage, or they sit back and shut up. It's now "lame" or uncomfortable for people to participate.

    As a Church musician, my charge is to lead people in sung prayer. Sung prayer that belongs to THEM, the people, the assembly. Our culture, though, has a "if you can do it, go for it, if you can't, shut up and listen" mentality. I'm guilty of it, to some extent. But that's where we are.

    The Church, where the group dynamic is supposed to be "the audience as the performer" is very much counter-cultural in our day and time.

    Thank you.
    That is all.
  9. maintcoder

    maintcoder A-List Customer

    One of my mottos...

    "Wherever I am, that's where the party is."

    I agree with you Matt. Too many times people are looking for others to entertain them. I think that the 'there are leaders and there are followers' dynamic is very evident in this zone. I make my own fun - sometimes clowning around, sometimes quietly, but rarely can those with me claim they haven't had fun. And usually it is contagious... (in a good way!)
  10. BegintheBeguine

    BegintheBeguine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Fun fun fun

    Someone mentioned the don't like to have fun mindset in a Halloween thread, (or afraid to have fun) and it's TRUE. I myself have been told that everything is NOT a joke, and not to laugh when there's nothing to laugh at, and to control myself. My answers have been among other things, Lighten up McGraw, Pretend you're happy when you're blue, and If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it. However, just yesterday I was thanked for being the first to dance at a party that was held IN AUGUST. :) So someone remembered all that time and appriciated it.
  11. Phaedra

    Phaedra Guest

    Life is too short

    not to have fun! Some of my best memories are pulling pranks (especially on co-workers) or just having a ball doing something silly.
  12. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Sunny California
    I think fun is also dependant upon what you classify it as... and sometimes fun at one time is not fun at another time. Sometimes it's hard to get to a place where you feel comforatable enough with your company and yourself to just let go, but when it happens, I think that's... er... fun!
  13. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Dance for the people in the cheap seats

    The irony is that a lot of the older jazz movements look better when they're done big. This is especially true of guys, I think. When they dance halfheartedly, they can look kind of girly. Or like they've been dragged there against their wishes by their wife or mommy.

    My partners seem to enjoy dancing with me a lot more when I do some big, slightly goofy moves. I don't recommend flailing around, though especially if you're new at dancing. It's too easy to flail into other people. But making big, circular movements with your free arm while you lindy is one way of making your dance more fun to watch (and do).

    So as one of my teachers says, "Do it for the people in the cheap seats!"
  14. Mojito

    Mojito One Too Many

    Long live a lack of inhibition...

    With no delusions about either my dancing or singing skills, I think I'm fortunate that not only do I have no inhibitions about doing either, I have a group of close friends who are equally willing to throw themselves into both with relish. We'll crank up the music and dance in the living room if we fancy it. I once found myself at 2.00 am trying to teach a friend the basic Charleston step while in the background 80s video hits were playing on cable.

    One of my great mates is Irish, and whether it's Liverpool, Dublin, New York or a pub in a remote corner of County Kerry, he won't rest until he has everyone singing. Even if I've had a few tipples, I still know my voice is rubbish - but it won't stop him from insisting we belt out a few rounds of "Leaving of Liverpool".

    Too many people flat-line through life. They spend far too much time worrying about making fools of themselves, or - with more than a hint of envy - tsking at the people who throw caution to the wind and seize life with great glee, racing through it with joy.
  15. carebear

    carebear My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Anchorage, AK
    Yeah, but Lance is half nuts! :D
  16. Half? Only half?! :p


  17. happyfilmluvguy

    happyfilmluvguy Call Me a Cab

    I always tell people that dancing does not require you to know how. You know how when you tap your toes! You know how when you hum or whistle to the tune! And you know how if you just stand up and move your legs and arms around like a maniac!

    Having fun doesn't not necessarily mean you have to act crazy or look really excited. Having fun only asks that you feel joyful and are participating in some way and not sitting in the shadows of a corner of the room. Though that can be fun too. Observing is also fun when you are still part of the group.
  18. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Crummy town, USA
    Fun is lame

    Wait, that was not fun of me to say so.

    Fun can really count if you dont care how you are perceived. I act like an idiot, and Im sure I look like one, but Ill be the one going home at night with that big grin on my face, and memories to make me chuckle throughout life (I hope).

    If I cared what the masses thought of me, I sure as heckfire wouldnt dress vintage.

  19. Didn't Tang say happiness is getting your hair cut every two weeks and watching your neighbor fall off his roof? :p Remember roofs in China were fairly low at the time. No injury just clumsy and funny. ;)


  20. The_Edge

    The_Edge One of the Regulars

    WA USA
    Easy for you to say, JB. You can dance...really well. I have no problem ignoring what people think of me, that is, until I get near a dance floor. I just feel goofy and awkward dancing. After seeing those amazing moves at the QM on Friday and Saturday I wouldn't mind learning though.

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