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Replacement zipper for RMC Buco J-100


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Hey fellow jackets fans - the zipper on my McCoys Buco J-100 is broken - the tape by the male end is split and not repairable (Ive tried), and the zip pull thing (forgive me, I cant quite grab the word at the moment) doesnt work if I can get the tape in it - the zip just doesnt zip up at all. So - I think I need a replacement.

I have someone good who is happy to do it for me, but needs to know the type of zipper to use, or if I want to source a replacement myself. Has anyone got any ideas what type of zipper (size, make etc) I would need to keep it as close to original as possible, and also where I might get such a zipper?

Thanks for any help - the lady who is carrying out the work said she could just put a heavy duty YKK, but I think it perhaps deserves something a bit more fancy? Or maybe not? As you can tell I am fairly clueless about this.


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Somebody had posted a link to the new(ish) range of vintage inspired zippers by YKK. Was ca. half a year ago, but I can’t find the thread right now.

I am a big fan of YKK myself. They have a size 8 zipper with a „Paperclip“ puller that doesn’t look to shabby and is super functional too.

I had a Hookless on one Aero Premier HWM that broke, was replaced, broke, was replaced, and broke again. I begged Aero for a less „period-correct“ zipper, but they refused (to their credit, the did the repairs free of charge, but the jacket was gone for three months both times and never lasted more than 3-5 zips.). Eventually I gave it to my cobbler who just installed „a“ zipper he had lying around. Doesn’t look too good but works for three years now. Form follows function, right…?!

(sorry for the ramble. I am aware, I didn’t answer your questio)
I’ve put heavy duty YKK 10s on my LW, Hercs, Cals, etc., but understand folks wanting something with a bit more “class”. I also really like Riri zips- look nice and are solid zips. I have a beautiful silver 2-way Riri 10 on my Vanson Force. I just want to be able to bully my zips and have them work no matter what stupidity I engage in. I’ve found my zips on EBay and Etsy.

Some folks here have personal stocks of vintage zips if that is what you decide. Or they can at least send you along the right path.


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I would check with UK RMC store to see if they can send you a free zipper first.

Mash Japan has NOS zips. So does Photo2u, he's in California. NOS zips are quite expensive.

In the worst case scenario I'd get it fixed with a regular YKK first, as most places only stocks regular YKK zips and not the repros. And then look for a pull tab to slide on at a later date. Most places that stocks the repro YKK/Universals only stock the close ended ones for bags and pockets not the main zip, but the slider can still work, you'd just need to swap that on yourself. With YKK you can go no.5 size they're quite sturdy. I have them on my CXL Highwayman and works well.


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Eagle, try e-bay in the UK. #5 Talons were often used in originals in their 50s production. I have seen a few Conmars also.

If you want to keep it original #5 talons work great and are excellent performers. However, if you want a solid zipper, Conmar was the king of the #10 during the 50's. Many heavy-duty military garments had them. Lucky for you, Buco's used shorter zippers. That should keep the prices lower for an original replacement. Lastly, Riri is an excellent option since you are in the UK.
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