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Schott NYC customer service


One of the Regulars
Central Florida
Recently acquired my grail, end game jacket (whatever some might say) in the form of the Schott 118. Only issue was the sleeves were 2 inches too long and not to my liking. I reached out to Jerri at Schott HQ and inquired about alterations , pricing and turnaround time. I must say she answered every email quickly and with concise answers and directions and was told 3-4 weeks turnaround time. I shipped as instructed and within 8 days of it hitting the homeland I got a call and email telling me my jacket was shipping back to me. My jacket is a 2018 model year so it made its way back to its origin to be altered and I had a comfortable feeling going this route. After all, someone was going to perform surgery on my newly acquired crown jewel and I will say I was apprehensive about that. Anyway, the package was done up proper with plastic cover, Schott hanger, two thank you notes and some cool stickers.


The workmanship is as I had hoped, like it was not altered at all. Zippers work, seems are good and the fit is exactly how I think it should be.

Overall, a great experience and I whole heartedly recommend Schott NYC for whatever your needs may be.



One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
I wonder, if they only work on their jackets?

A lot of manufacturers will only work on their own jackets.

I guess I just don't realize how privileged I am. In San Francisco, we have several local shops that make leather jackets. One shop is very popular with people posting on this forum. And, there is a Schott retail store. It's right across the street from the jail where Federal "detainees" are "held". I can walk in, try the jackets on, get fitted, and have a tailor mark off the jacket for alterations to fit my body. Only I have zero nostalgia for the Brando look, and their patterns are not cut for my body shape. Their fit models are tall, thin, and have long arms. I'm a short, fat guy, with short arms.