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Discussion in 'Suits' started by Marc Chevalier, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Great finds Fastuni! Showing off the best of German styling right there - never thought I'd say this, but between the two I think the western yoke suits the belt back aesthetic even better than the 'normal' one.
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  2. Fastuni

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    The scalopped yokes and saddles, so popular in German tailoring, elements often associated with "Western style" in the US, are frequent features also of the alpine Trachten style. They were more common also in Anglo tailoring before WW1.
    It has a certain playfulness and ornamental quality to it IMO.

    The arches may also reflect a somewhat architectural take on tailoring.
    Which reminds me of this 1930s German ad:
    Rough translation:
    "The own home everyone needs at most!

    I construct suits with wonderful facades for all gentlemen. My suits can look dignified like a court building, flirtatious like a pleasure palace or solid, durable and indestructible like the Chinese Wall. I am confident to satisfy every gentlemen with my clothes-architecture, which accomodates every need and possibility. I ask to honor me with your orders."
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    I love that because it describes in a whimsical fashion what I actually love about vintage clothing. Now in so many cases it's 'here's a some black polyester to wear to an interview'

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