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    The pocket square... other threads have discussed it, but I couldn't find anywhere to really showcase the ones that you wear on a daily basis.

    The pocket square is a way to express rakish individuality through bold colors or patterns and elaborate folds, or to simply make a suit or sport coat a little more dressed up with something simpler. I firmly believe that a suit looks naked without it. There are many, many unique pocket squares. Sometimes you may never find the same one again, due to limited fabric runs, etc.

    There are many creative ways to fold a pocket square, and there are various approaches to coordinating a pocket square with the rest of your getup. You may choose a pocket square in a similar color to your shirt or one of the colors in your tie. It can be a solid color, or it can be a pattern, perhaps sized similarly to your tie's pattern. Or it can be something totally off the wall, in a color that clashes with everything else in a brilliant display of foppish dandyism. Or it can be one of those matching tie and hanky sets in the exact same color and pattern... yuck. :p

    So, what pocket square are you wearing today? This is your chance to give us a close-up visual so we can see the patterns and folds in all their wonderful glory.
  2. Redfokker


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    OK, I can play. Here is my meager collection of pocket squares. I don't have any expensive ones, have been buying cheap $1.99 ones off of Ebay. They are really nice quality for the money.

    3Jun17 Pocket Square Collection.jpg
  3. Old Mariner

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    This is what I have for now. I have more in mind to get soon - namely cotton, linen, and printed silk type ones.

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    I have a few to post, however this is my favourite. Hand stitched and versatile

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