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Discussion in 'Radio' started by LizzieMaine, Sep 27, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    Just wanted to welcome everyone and encourage you to settle back, relax, and tune in some of our favorite Golden Era sounds.

    This is a forum about Golden Era Radio -- the programs, the personalities, and even the radios themselves. There's also plenty of room here to talk about the music of the Radio Era -- swing bands, sweet bands, novelty groups, vocalists, vocal groups, you name it. If it came out of a radio speaker during the Era, it's fair game for discussion here. If you host your own Golden Era-oriented radio feature, either over the air or online, feel free to post show announcements.

    As is the case thruout the Lounge, discussion of modern-day politics is strictly prohibited -- and if we're going to discuss political personalities of the era, let's confine those discussions to their use of broadcasting. This is *not* a place to discuss *current day* radio personalities, unless their program is Golden Era focused. There will be absolutely no discussion of current day political talk show personalities, and posts discussing such topics will be deleted.

    Main rule here -- *be nice.* Show every person posting -- and every post they make -- the same respect you'd want for yourself.

    And with that -- we're on the air!
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