The STETSON WAY, Advertising and ephemera of the Golden Era

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  1. 1946...
  2. Circa 1947...... IMG_20181214_170455.jpg
  3. 1956...Leadership.......Stetson Style!!;) 15448927367271216936966.jpg
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  4. Don't know if this is the correct thread to post or not; if not it can be moved. Over time I have come up with two Stetson Quality Assurance slips found in old boxes. If you Google the name George Weachter there are matches that come up thru There were several generations (3?) of George Weachter's living in Philadelphia. The best match to be the George Weachter died in 1947 as I recall.

  5. 1944 and "our boys" rightfully wish they were home wearing a Stetson.......
    M 20190102_124257.jpg 20190102_124306.jpg
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  6. Circa 1920.....
    M 20190102_124449.jpg
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  7. December of 1940.......the husband is going to get a Stetson for Christmas!!!!!
    M 20190102_124505.jpg
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  8. Circa 1942......another wife thinks her husband needs a new hat.....this time the Stetson Playboy!
    M 20190102_133058.jpg
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  9. 1916........three great hats from Stetson!!!
    M 20190102_132930.jpg
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  10. 1935, Stetson Sportster!
    Back of ad has information on how to dress like Jane Engel!
    M IMG_20190104_181056.jpg IMG_20190104_181017.jpg
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  11. Circa 1939-1940. 20190108_161741.jpg
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  12. Blotter with the same art used for the magazine ad........1939. Ad was posted earlier in this thread, but reposting here with the blotter.
    M 20190108_161724.jpg 20181120_151313.jpg
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  13. 1949....... 20190104_173930.jpg
  14. August 1954, Ike gets a Stetson!!!:):):):)
    M;) 15469872962701266882579.jpg
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  15. October, 1949.....and we find David Niven wearing the Stetson Squire, available for $15............
    M IMG_20190109_161633.jpg
  16. Circa 1917...........
    M IMG_20190111_165139.jpg
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  17. Circa 1955.....
    IMG_20190213_102128.jpg IMG_20190213_102611.jpg IMG_20190213_102441.jpg
  18. 1957......please note how many of the hats are short "stingy" brim offerings, and again 1957!
    20190213_100911.jpg 20190213_100933.jpg 20190213_100949.jpg 20190213_101001.jpg 20190213_101013.jpg 20190213_101029.jpg 20190213_101040.jpg 20190213_101052.jpg 20190213_101106.jpg 20190213_101119.jpg
  19. MORE from 1957.....continued......
    20190213_101129.jpg 20190213_101140.jpg 20190213_101150.jpg 20190213_101200.jpg 20190213_101207.jpg
  20. Betty Hutton!! Wearing Stetsons.......1944!
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