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Type II jacket review x3. Denim, Roughout and waxed canvas/leather

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up


Levi Strauss & Co. designed three of the most iconic denim jackets. The type I (506XX) was introduced in 1905. It had a short and boxy fit and featured front pleats which could be removed to give the wearer extra comfort. It had one front pocket and a buckle cinch in the back. The Type 2 (507XX) was introduced in 1953. It was slightly longer, featured two chest pockets and the cinch back was removed. The type 3 (557XX) was introduced in 1962 and had a modern design with a slimmer cut.

Levi’s denim type 2

Finding an original Levi’s big E type 2 in wearable condition is hard. It’s much easier to find quality reproductions made by Levi’s under their LVC label. Also, numerous other denim brands offer type 2 (inspired) jackets. However, most of those are modern interpretations of the original, featuring longer body lengths to complement today’s fashion of low rise jeans and untucked shirts.

In the early 90’s, long before Levi’s started to make reproductions under their LVC label, Levi’s japan made high quality reproductions of all three designs. Unlike the modern repro’s, those Japanese-made reproductions were 1:1 copies of the original with a short and boxy fit. Levi’s didn’t allow the Japanese to use the 506XX / 507XX model numbers. Therefore the Japanese reproductions had different model numbers. The Japanese-made type 2 was introduced as Lot 71507.

Size: 40
Ptp: 22.5’
Back length: 22.75’
Bottom hem: 19.5’
Weight: 1.94 pounds (878 gr)

Y2 roughout type 2

A few of weeks ago I received this Japanese-made Y2 roughout type 2. It was in good condition but it did need some tlc. The leather had lots of loose fibers and the front panel had a couple of stains on it. My cobbler once showed me how to remove loose fibers on suede shoes, simply by burning them off with a lighter. So that’s what I did with my Y2, I took a cigarette lighter and burned off all the loose fibers. I used a professional suede cleaning spray to remove the stains.




Size: 42
Ptp: 22.75’
Back length: 25.6’
Bottom hem: 21’
Weight: 2.82 ounces (1280 gr)

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up
Chinese AliExpress type 2

Yesterday I received this Chinese-made waxed canvas / leather type 2 which I ordered just before Christmas. There were two color options, khaki and army green. Both have leather accents. I ordered the one in army green with russet brown leather details.


First thing I noticed when I opened the package was that they sent the wrong color. On top of that they sent the wrong size. They sent an XL instead of the XXL I ordered. According to the size chart the XXL should have a ptp of 22.44, which is very close the ptp of my Levi’s type 2.


I tried the jacket on but I could hardly get my arms through the sleeves. The canvas was extremely stiff and the sleeves are quite narrow. I persisted and wore the jacket while running some errands. Like magic, after half an hour the sleeves had become much more supple and the jacket had molded to my body. I’m actually quite pleased with the fit. In hindsight, I think the XXL would have been too large.


Size: XL
Ptp: 22.5’
Back length: 24’
Bottom hem: 20’
Weight: 3.89 pounds (1763 gr)

Although I received a different size than ordered, I actually got my desired ptp and as a bonus it came with a much shorter back length. Overall the jacket is pretty well built. The stitching is neat and they used quality materials. The only real flaw is that it has a huge neck hole. At almost 4 pounds it’s the heaviest of the three.


For those who are interested in seeing a full leather type 2, @tmitchell59 has written a nice review on his FCL.

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One Too Many
Fantastic write up!

The pics where you align the different jackets on top of each other must’ve been time consuming but really drives the point home visually.

I had been curious about the Ali Canvas & Leather jacket, thanks for taking the first dive into unknown waters!
Review that sets a new standard for sure and I love the jacket! I guess I would've maybe preferred the green one too - I like the lighter brown leather in contrast with green - but wouldn't be loosing sleep over the color setup you got. Suits and fits you really well, too. Tho, you look great in all denim & the jacket is of perfect length for a trucker, IMO.
In any case, AliExpress XXL would've definitely be too large and I wouldn't take a chance with an L after seeing the fit pics. This is spot on your size, I'd reckon.
And I'm impressed the buttons align this perfectly on two different jackets. I guess there's a standard to it of some kind but still...


Call Me a Cab
Great and informative review and all of them do look very good on you. I‘m impressed by the Chinese Type 2 and the colour combination looks quite nice and if I was you I would be glad that they shipped the wrong one as the green/brown one would me keep thinking of the Green military canvas/leather used by Thedi. Congrats for the great choice of jackets. Also your suede „burning“ result looks quite good... I think I would not have dared to burn it this way
Sorry about the stains Marc! TBH I never even noticed them! I do recall the suede was a bit “hairy”. Of the three, I think the canvas and leather combo is actually the coolest one. I’m someone tempted to take a crack at the Thedi shawl knock-off.

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up
Sorry about the stains Marc! TBH I never even noticed them!
No worries. The suède cleaner took care of it. At first I didn't notice them either tbh, they were only visible in full direct sunlight.
I’m someone tempted to take a crack at the Thedi shawl knock-off.
I'd say give it a try. This is a lot of jacket for just €110. It comes fully lined and they even added some inside pockets. It's very well constructed (to my surprise). I'd say it's better constructed than some of the RRL jacket I've handled. Sizing is a gamble though. I don't think that size chart is any helpful. Even if they send you the size you've chosen, it'll be hit or miss.

Here's the link to the Thedi knockoff. I actually like those concho snaps they used on the pockets.


A-List Customer
Those jackets all look fantastic! Good fits all around, but the Levi's reproduction stands out to me. I might look into those waxed jackets. The M42 jackets look really cool. I know Gustin did some waxed truckers, but they were only around 13oz. I can't imagine what a waxed 22oz jacket would feel like.


I'll Lock Up
East Java
Love type2, great jackets and writeup, amazing how you manage to make the back creases nicely, usualy this back pleats would look messed up. Your canvas-leather AE jacket is what typical denim jacket fit I get when buying online, anything that fit my chest would be shortish on my sleeve, after sometime i learn to love the fit as long as the cuff opening is narrow.

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up
Your canvas-leather AE jacket is what typical denim jacket fit I get when buying online, anything that fit my chest would be shortish on my sleeve, after sometime i learn to love the fit as long as the cuff opening is narrow
Yep, the AE's sleeves are a bit short but that doesn't bug me. What bugs me more is body length, the Y2 being on the long side.


I'll Lock Up
Love the fit on that Levi's Japan jacket. Looks fantastic. I really hate the modern longer denim jackets so I'm a big fan of that jacket of yours.

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up
Agreed. Of the three, first one to go would be the roughout.
Yep. It's a bummer because it's very well constructed and I love the color. It almost leans towards orange, while most of the suede/roughout jackets I've seen are more beige/tan. Like the Schott Duke.
Schott duke.jpg

I think @dudewuttheheck Freewheelers Lot 667 is the best suede/roughout jacket I've seen. Beautiful vibrant color and perfect fit with original proportions.


I even thought about having the Y2 shortened. But I think that would make it look odd because of the spacing between the buttons which would become uneven.

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