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What's for Dinner?

Last night, homemade cheeseburger mac, green beans, and Rainier cherries for dessert. Lily's choice.

Tonight, it's Taco Tuesday. We're doing carnitas in hard shells, butter lettuce, tomato, sharp cheese, guacamole (found a perfect avocado at the store), squeeze of lime, and crema agria. Hubby might add some cowboy caviar salsa or some Hatch green chili salsa to his because he needs more spice than we do. Rainier cherries for dessert. Hubby's choice.

The man has GOOD taste. :p


Call Me a Cab
The Emerald City
I often remind him how fortunate he is.

He stayed home this weekend when Lily and I went to my niece's wedding. I bought him a Marie Callender meal for his dinner. When I got home he told me that after eating it, he realized that he REALLY missed my cooking.


Practically Family
Those oysters look interesting. If I ever go back I'll probably start with seafood. I miss it sometimes. Don't remember ever having oysters, though. I liked clams and fried squid was one of my favorites, and shrimp. Like many kinds of fish. Every day I inch closer.