Which of your jackets gets the most attention?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Gamma68, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Solo

    Solo Familiar Face

    I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, friend. It is when the jacket wears you, people comment. Most of the comments I get come from the folks who have little clue what a real leather jacket should look like. You get comments from the guys on this forum every time you post a pic. That’s what counts!
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  2. Dr H

    Dr H One Too Many

    Somerset, UK
    I disagree. My Journeyman is very unobtrusive and understated - I wear the coat, day in, day out in many different situations.
    The quality and vintage styling have drawn the comments.
    If the jacket wears you then I’m not convinced that you’ll get compliments...
  3. Grayland

    Grayland One Too Many

    Upstate NY
    I ended up selling it as the color was a bit flashy for me, but my Rainbow Country Single Rider in red/brown (Russet) Shinki garnered compliments every time I wore it. I replaced it with a Good Wear Imperial in Dark Seal Shinki- basically the same jacket in a different color, and no one has ever commented on it.
  4. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat I'll Lock Up

    C9C5FB2C-75C9-44C9-8385-ABA05A12ABF3.jpeg 19733839-A277-4FC7-A74F-060F1B7C9E2D.jpeg Greetings All:
    I don’t know about the most attention but i know the loudest attention i’ve gotten.
    @ton312’s old Aged Steer Aero.
    I pulled in a gas station, got out and heard over the loud speakers “I love your jacket” from the girl in the glass booth.
    She always asks about my jackets when i get gas now.
    I believe the jacket and i were wearing each other. Lol
    It is a nice jacket.
    Be well. Bowen
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  5. Over the last year I've gotten more compliments on this buff Thedi than all my other jackets combined ....

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  6. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    People always seem to appreciate the Bates space shuttle commander
    2E74B6AF-1CF4-41AA-8841-BD7F6310F223.jpeg A180D18C-C221-4135-A1CC-3171DB538705.jpeg
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  7. Jrolfe

    Jrolfe One of the Regulars

    Beautiful jacket. Who made this Corky?

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  8. Gamma68

    Gamma68 One Too Many

    Detroit, MI
    I love that story about the girl in the gas station booth noticing your jacket and telling you so over the loudspeaker.

    That kind of recognition from the fair sex is priceless.
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  9. jeo

    jeo One of the Regulars

    Not even your Grizzly??

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  10. 01flhr

    01flhr One of the Regulars

    My padded some pocket columbia always gets looks and comments. It just has a commanding presence. My shoulders are 23 inches across and the padding just exagerates that a little bit more being so squared off. I had a girl at a restaurant go to take it once, before i let go, i asked if she had it because she didnt take any weight off it. She confidently said yes, I let it go and it almost pulled her over. My wife actually hates it because it stands out so much. She thinks its gaudy.
  11. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    It's always the cheap ones that generate the comments.
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  12. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    The only comments come from my wife:
    "Why does it make noise, it's weird" (about my P Highwayman)
    "You look like you need a bi-plane and a scarf." (about my cross-buttoned Cidu)
    "Now, that is a good looking jacket!, are you done?" (about my GW Imperial)
  13. Fonzie

    Fonzie Practically Family

    That’s interesting, I would assume that if anyone around here would be complemented by having really cool jackets that fit perfectly it’d be you.

    Maybe they’re intimidated by them, simply way too cool, like a super hot chick at a bar that no one talks to because they think she’s on another league. :D
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  14. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Well, I should say to...the most elaborate set of compliments I ever received came from the dude working at lens crafters when I picked up my contacts. Not exactly like Scarlett Jo professing her admiration...not by a long shot. LOL.
  15. AlexB

    AlexB One of the Regulars

    When I was wearing my PHWY last week while strolling through New York my friend visiting could not believe what was happening.
    Wherever we went someone commented on the jacket. Even gospel street singers, while singing, included a “what a nice jacket” in their song
    I’ve never had that ever before. I think the jacket is in general a rather normal style, but if I remember correctly at least 5 people commented on the jacket during the 4 hours time slot.

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  16. BloodEagle

    BloodEagle Familiar Face

    My most commented would be my Flat Head, which people who know me will refer to in a friendly joking context - ‘oh he’s wearing his badass biker jacket’. Because it is a fairly showy jacket it does get some looks when I wear it around day to day which I convince myself are admiration, but you never know haha. It’s all gravy, it makes me happy and I feel good when I wear it - the most important factors BFC83F99-CEDC-425A-975F-41CA1C2EABDC.jpeg
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  17. Dav

    Dav One Too Many

    Somerset, England
    My Irvin got a comment the other day "bet they're bloody expensive these days"
    "They ain't cheap"
    He then proceeded to tell me about how his jacket, didn't even notice what it was, had been purchased for half price.
    Not really much of a coment but to this day only the second one I've ever received.
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  18. Carlos840

    Carlos840 Call Me a Cab

    That's funny...

    Actually, i had forgotten about that one, not really a comment, but last winter i was in Borough Market, London, walked past a group of city boys and heard one say to the other "that's pretty effing rustic looking".
    That is the only time someone i didn't know said anything about a jacket i was wearing.

    People i know just say "oh, another black leather jacket".
    A good one from a friend was: "is the cast of Grease hiding somewhere in your flat" after seeing my new bathroom hanging rail.
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  19. Corky Corcovado

    Corky Corcovado A-List Customer

  20. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat I'll Lock Up

    Greetings All:
    This thread gets me chuckling.
    It’s a great thread.
    As i read the different experiences i can’t help but visualize the situations based on my idea of each poster.
    I get comments all the time about jackets, fedoras and boots. Most often by young folks while we stand in line at some random checkout. Maybe we are all bored or looking for conversation but i’m sure a lot of the comments toward my look begin with the thought, “look at that old guy....”.
    After the conversations i know a lot of them end with the thought, “i wish i had that jacket, fedora etc”, because i tell them “this is real deal stuff, this ain’t play”. They usually are astounded when i tell them this is a 100 year old hat or 70 year old jacket.
    Fun stuff.
    Be well. Bowen

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