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AVI LTHR 55J14 G-1 Jacket Review & pics

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Brettafett, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    A while back I reviewed an A-2 from AVI Leather and had asked them if they planned to make an G-1/M422a in the near future.
    The response was something like… watch this space.
    Well, I did… and am pleased to present to the Lounge my latest acquisition. An AVI Leather version of the classic 55J14 G-1 jacket.
    This jacket is a copy of an original 55J14 that they acquired, and impressions are… Wow, its a pretty decent jacket.
    AVI Leather G-1 013.JPG
    AVI Leather G-1 020.JPG
    Although I do not consider myself a pro when it comes to USN jackets… Besides all my A-2s, I have owned an original M422a, an old Avirex G-1, and both a Cockpit 100 missions and Forrestal G-1. I have also handled and tried on a good number of originals and Eastman's versions at Pop-ups and Airshows recently.
    This jacket is easily on par with the Cockpit G-1s I had, maybe even +1....
    AVI Leather G-1 002.JPG AVI Leather G-1 004.JPG
    The lamb mouton collar is great. Its so soft and they nailed the size and shape. White USN stamp is there.
    The goatskin is a lovely chocolate shade and is supple with decent a pebbly grain... The jacket is comfortable to wear, certainly not heavy or stiff.
    AVI Leather G-1 005.JPG
    Pocket profiles look right… Clean stitching, buttons and inside pocket snaps are of good quality. The knits although not technically authentic… are nice and tight, a touch thicker than some top end repro jackets I have recently toyed with... obviously of decent quality.
    No punch holes in the wind flap, but then maybe this particular model didn't have any.
    Not sure.
    AVI Leather G-1 003.JPG
    I can’t speak too much about the authenticity of the zipper, but its a repro Talon and works well. The main details all seem to be there.
    I would not compare this to a 'top end repro' maker perhaps, in the sense that I don’t think they were concerned about stitch counts, specifically tanned vintage leather and microscopic details. For example, the label is not an exact reproduction, but.. its the label.
    AVI Leather G-1 007.jpg
    I wasn't sure to go for a 40 or 42, so tried both. The 40 just feels better for me. I like the trimmer fit around the body, lengths are fine.
    Initially I thought the shoulders seemed a little broad, but I think it could be the pattern of this particular contract.
    Anyway, moving and extending arms is very easy and comfortable..
    AVI Leather G-1 008.jpg
    Measuring these jackets, there does not seem to be too much of a difference, its mainly in the body.
    For ref I am around 5’10 72 kgs 39.5” chest, normally wear a 40 A-2 for example...
    Pics are of the size 40.
    Approximate measurements:

    Size 40 (jacket pictured)
    Back length, base collar to end of knit - 25.5"
    Shoulder to shoulder across back - 20"
    Pit to pit - 21"
    Sleeve length, shoulder to end of knit - 25.5"
    Zipper length - 22"

    Size 42
    Back length, base collar to end of knit - 26"
    Shoulder to shoulder across back - 20.5"
    Pit to pit - 22"
    Sleeve length, shoulder to end of knit - 25.5"
    Zipper length - 22.5"

    The jacket is well made, solid, but not heavy. Comfortable and not stiff like some other jackets I have tried. This is a quality repro and for the price, offers incredible value imo.
    I think they are even offering free postage outside the EU (Should this incl the UK? - Brexit :)
    AVI Leather G-1 011.JPG
    For specifics, I would recommend contacting the guys at AVI, I can’t recommend them enough. They have always been very quick to respond to questions and have been a pleasure to deal with.
    They even sent me a photo comparison of their test jacket together with their original it was copied from.
    AVI Leather G-1 000.JPG
    I look forward to seeing what else these guys are going to do down the line.
    p.s. I have been told that they have acquired an original WW2 BRONCO and are in the process of upgrading their A-2. This may prove interesting indeed!
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  2. willyto

    willyto Practically Family

    I don't know anything about AVI leather but that jacket looks great and fits you like a glove! You have just the perfect body for a G-1
  3. daw

    daw New in Town

    Looks very nice. And very good value.
  4. thor

    thor One Too Many

    Thanks for the GREAT review! That does look like a pretty nice copy of a 1950's G-1. Obviously it's not one of those hyper-authentic $1,000+ jackets, but it does have the basic look and detailing of a Korean War-era G-1 at a very attractive price point.
    Congrats on a cool jacket; wear it in good health!
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  5. Deacon211

    Deacon211 Practically Family

    Concur with the rest of the guys here. A very nice looking G-1 with very believable style details and one heck of a price.

    Wear it in good health!

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  6. The Bunk

    The Bunk New in Town

    Thanks for the review - I've been on the lookout for it since you mentioned it in the G-1 thread. Also very convenient since we are almost exactly the same size!
  7. For the price, sure looks nice. And if you +1 it over a Cockpit, which are very nice, if not accurate/top-tier in "our"minds, then for that price it's a good deal for sure.
    Not even a synthetic collar, so looks like a win to me. Good writeup!
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  8. Cooper A-2

    Cooper A-2 Practically Family

    Thx for sharing this, very well done!
    Thx a lot.
  9. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    Some indoor shots...
  10. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    Thanks for the feedback gents,
    I won't say this is a better jacket than the Cockpit versions... Same 'bracket' I'd say... The +1 is that this is a copy of an original contract... So its almost like a 'mid range original contract' repro jacket.
    I do prefer the collar on this one... and the knits (I found Cockpit's a bit loose/stretched out).
    I also prefer the fit on this a bit more, suits my frame a bit better. My Cockpits were a bit wide in the pit to pit and a touch short in the body for me.
    I really liked the 'vintagey' goatskin Cockpit used on the G-1s I had and they were certainly well made and robust jackets.
    What I may do down the line, is replace these knits with more authentic G-1 rib knit... But thats certainly not necessary.
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  11. AVI did a decent job on this one.... Fit is very good as well. :)
  12. thor

    thor One Too Many

    I e-mailed AVI about customization and/or making a size 48 G-1. Sadly they do not offer either at this time :(
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  13. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    Thats a pity Thor. I wore it again today, and am really liking this jacket. I think I may go +2 ;)
  14. ProteinNerd

    ProteinNerd Call Me a Cab

    Lol rub it in!
  15. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    Oh noooo! Sorry Thor, didn't mean it that way :D:D:D
  16. daw

    daw New in Town


    I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on this one. I wear a 46 in most modern jackets. If I have a good fit with a 46 in the Avirex/Cockpit G1, do you think a 46 in this version would be ok? ie, Do they fit true to stated size?

    Thanks for your input.
  17. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    Thor, at least you got a reply!
    I mailed them about a size 48, because after seeing this review I was really impressed with the cut and the details at this price point.
    But they still haven't replied (I hope they are thinking it over- that's at least two of us asking for a 48).
    But, if they don't want my $350 I'll have to give $1000 to Charles at HPA for an Eastman. Their loss.
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  18. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    Hi Daw, yes I would say so. Depends on your build obviously. I had a 40 in the Cockpit 100 Missions and Forrestal. They fit well generally. I usually moan about lengths... But these were ok. This size 40 AVI is a very similar fit, perhaps a smidgen trimmer in the pit to pit. But at the price they are asking, its worth a try.
  19. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    I wonder if they are away. They usually reply quickly. Cant go wrong with ELC's G-1s Big J. I tried on the Puikn Dogs at Duxford. Gorgeous, but I would wait for the unpatched version... The horsehide G-1 is stunning.
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  20. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    Brettafett, what's this unmatched G-1? Is it goat? I haven't heard anything about it.
    I was thinking of getting an Eastman G-1 timeworn/.50 Cal to put my Bridges at Toko-Ri patches on (I have been really obsessed with the USN in Asia recently, bought 4 Vietnam era G-1s with squadron patches).
    Got a great Headhunters patch from Charles at HPA to put on one of my A-2s for that Korean War look, and picked up a couple of Cooper A-2s to celebrate Vietnam era F-4 and F-105 squadrons.
    I reckon this last G-1 will just about wrap it up. That and an AVG repro M442a.

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