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Do you go Commando?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Girl Friday, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Irene, by any other name, it's good to have you back!

    As to the original question, I've got some pairs of underpants so worn-out and full of holes it's the next best thing to commando. I save them for hot weather days, because the ventilation is very comfortable.
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  2. slythwolf

    slythwolf New in Town

    I have gone without with an OBG as others have mentioned. It made me nervous. Not about accidentally flashing anyone, but about the girdle potentially getting in the way in the ladies room, if you follow. Much prefer a nice garter belt with band leg briefs over it.
  3. I always undo the back garter straps and flip up the back of the girdle before engaging in necessary functions. Takes a little longer to put yourself back together after the deed is done, but the precaution is worth it.
  4. Delma

    Delma New in Town

    I always wear panties, I think that I would be uncomfortable otherwise. To each her own!
  5. I wonder if we cannot come up with a more womanly term for going without undies.

    My preference has always been "Going Harlow". She loved to go without undies or a bra!
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  6. Tallulah Bankhead was another woman notorious for not wearing underwear and flashing her cast and crew. Commando=Tallulah in my house!
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  7. I love it! I recall a story about Tallulah where she called up a young actor to come over and read the lines with her for the movie they were appearing in together. When he opened the door she completely naked. You can figure out what happened next.....

    So Harlow or Tallulah, they sound much better for us women!
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  8. The simple answer is: sometimes. I try to wear panties as little as possible because it is generally much healthier for your lady bits if you go without. However, as a lady that has a fair amount of (please pardon the word) discharge, I find that it is much more convenient to have some sort of barrier. For this, I wear simple cotton boyshorts. I have not found a way to fix the panty line problems with this, though, as I find bikini briefs and thongs absolutely unbearable, and I don't want to soil my trousers or skirt.

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