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Giant Pith Helmet Thread of Doom

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Richard, May 16, 2005.

  1. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member


    Looks like you guys were having a great time.
  2. Richard

    Richard Familiar Face


    there were good moments and bad moments. Like any adventure. The secret to kd hiking is not to go too far, and I always push that a bit. t he little guy rides ina pack. we mad eit to a cool mountain stream where we spent an hour or so splashing around. what is better in life than getting real hot ona hike and then putting your feet in freezing cold water and feeling cold all over? nothing really. there was one unfortunate poison oak incident toward the very end....but not bad...
  3. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member


    Ever read about Theodore Roosevelt's point-to-point hikes? A straight line (more or less) would be imagined between two points of some distance - a mile or more. TR and all the children would tramp from point to point, the only rule being that you could go over, under or through any obstacle, but never around.
    And I can't think of a thing that is better than splashing about in a cold stream after a hot hike. You probably have a great summer ahead.
  4. Mulberrywood

    Mulberrywood New in Town

    Pith helmets online?

    I am looking for a pith helmet to wear on summer hikes. Years ago I lived in India and had a great pith helmet but I can't remember the brand name. It probably was made in India but I am not sure.

    It did not look like the old British Africa style helmets. It had a more casual modern look to it.

    Any suggestions for good websites?

    Thank you!
  5. riccardo

    riccardo Practically Family


    How much wonderful is the history of each one hat.
    I have never read the history and the functions of a pith helmet, great idea!

    Many thanks to you for this opportunity.

    With compliments.

  6. Mulberrywood

    Mulberrywood New in Town


    Thank you very much for the website! I like your choice but I may go with the Indian style for memories sake. Although the French one looked good and has the biggest brim according to the description.

    Thanks again!
  7. Pith Helmet

    When a neighbor let me borrow his pith helmet I couldn't help it....I had to make another quirky self-portrait. I don't see myself wearing this in public, though.

  8. Aw c'mon. Go down to the local Barnes and Noble and ask for the Journals of Livingston. ;)

    Regards to all,

  9. Very becoming!

    Maybe not a day to day wear item, true, but it sure makes for a great avatar! lol

    Speaking of avatars, James, is your Laural & Hardy animation from The Flying Deuces?
  10. Yes, If I remember correctly. A friend of mine sent it to me and I just pasted it right in. :D They still look great together. What a comedy team!
  11. I believe it's from Way Out West - the frock coats are more fitting to its old west setting than the (relatively) contemporary Flying Deuces. If I recall correctly, the song and dance they are delightfully performing is "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine".

    But I'm not the expert - I've got a friend who has long held the position of Keeper of the Celluloid in the NYC Tent of The Sons of the Desert - I should ask him...

    (Oh, and I've got a pith helmet somewhere - but it's closer to the safari style than the Army type one in your picture.)
  12. This Way out West? :p
    Now you have me confused. :D


  13. USMC Pith helemt

    Now I can't recall where I got it, but I have a USMC pith helemet, which I use as my hot weather hat when helping out mowing the lawns at church. It has a heavy plastic suspension set up and the sweat band is like vinyl. As I sweat the band keeps the sweat from coming down, so when I take it off, theres a flood of sweat like a dam burst.:eusa_doh:

  14. Quigley's pith reminds me of The Man Who Would Be King. That's a good thing.
  15. John, I have one of those pith helmets, too. I found a great solution. I took an extra headband from a kevlar helmet, and put that inside as well. The headbands for the kevlars attach inside with little velcro strips that wrap around the headband in the pith helmet perfectly. Voila! You have a leather sweatband! I should mention that I wear a 7, and when I put in the kevlar headband, I had to almost max out the headband inside the pith helmet to accomodate the extra bulk of the double headband. It really works swell, though! I could post some pics of the type of headband I used, if anyone is interested.
  16. ++++++++++
    Interesting Idea! I was thinking of a way to do a cloth set up that would be absorbant.

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