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New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Lauren, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the new ladies I've seen around the lounge! Please let us know a little about yourself, like how you found the lounge, what your favorite eras are, etc. I love learning about new people!

    Welcome again, ladies!
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  2. Dahlia

    Dahlia Familiar Face

    I'm fairly new here, and I don't believe we have spoken before, so I will say "hello" and introduce myself. :)

    My name is Darcy, and I am a 20-year-old student at UC Irvine. I found the Lounge one day when I googled forties hairstyles for my boyfriend, and I've been coming back ever since. I'm really getting into the 30's and 40's.. I love the clothing, the makeup, the hairstyles, the history... everything!

    I can't say enough how much I appreciate all the ladies here. You have all been very helpful, welcoming, and informative!
  3. OcNikki

    OcNikki New in Town

    My name is Nikki and I've introduced myself once before. I am a professional Lindy Hopper and I also run a tiny vintage website consisting of items from the 20's to the early 50's. My passion is for the entire era: the dance, the music, the style, everything. I usually only dress vintage once in a while when I go dancing just because I'm afraid of ruining the beautiful pieces that I have, but when I do I try to be as authentic as possible. I am always collecting.

    Dahlia, if you love the music you should come dancing! Everything we do is in Irvine. We have 2 dances a week as well as lessons twice a week. Our biggest dance is at Tia Juana's on Wednesday nights. You should come!
  4. Dahlia

    Dahlia Familiar Face

    Thanks, Nikki! I do love the music and I'm going to start taking classes at UCI once the fall quarter begins (very excited about that). I'd love to go out dancing with all of you.

    P.S. Nice website! You have some very nice pieces for sale.
  5. Ms.Casino

    Ms.Casino New in Town

  6. pamelash

    pamelash New in Town

    Hello Everyone!

    I am very new here...so I wanted to say hello....
    I am actually a contestant in Retro Radar's Vector Vixen contest for September. So, please stop by and cast your vote for one of the lovely ladies....
    thank you

  7. I've been here for a short while, but don't think I've actually introduced myself.
    First off... I recently broke my right arm.. so please forgive me my typos & bad grammar... left hand hunt & pecking is very slow & tiresome and I'm rarely making corrections lately.

    My name is Kristine, I'm 34 and i sell vintage. Buying vintage, from clothes to decor to cars, is a disease that i must have inheireted from my gran-Papa. I am learning from his mistakes, however... i figured out early on that if i didn't SELL as well as buy I'd spend my life broke & buried under my treasures.
    i have owned two brick & mortar antique & vintage shops (in the early & mid 90's). i began selling online (in ebay's better days) in 1998 and quickly discoverd that vintage clothing was much easier to store & ship than furniture & decor.... so thats what i've focused on since then. i know sell primarily via my own online store... with ocassional forays into ebay and local event vending.

    I've been missing the other side, though.. so now that i'm married and have qa nice strong man to help, i'm moving back into buying/selling vintage items for the home as well. I'm apparently a glutton for punishment because we intend to open another store within a few years.

    My personal taste leans towards the 1940's and early 50's. I've been wearing vintage since before i was able to date it correctly, in the late 80's and my homes have always been a hodgepodge of unusual items from many eras.

    Sorry if I'm babbling... still on painkillers for my arm!
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  8. Hi girls, i'm also somewhat of a new one i have post some threads now and then but never had the time to say something about me.I'm 22 and i live in M.Washington thats up in the little hills of Cypress Park which is near to Glendale Forest Lawn.I'm a Cosmotologist/Hair Dresser and in the process of attending fashion school, i'm planning in the near future to open my own boutique of gowns and garments inspire by the beauty and glamour of the 1930s-1940s.I'm single and no kids do go out when i have time but not have much friends due to the fact that i meet people that are not honest with me nor themselves.I'm in love with the eras of the 1930s & 1940s but do admire some fashions of the 1920s such as Paul Poiret.I collect anything that grabs my attendtion,i buy a lot of old books and records well i buy a lot of things.
    I do dress vintage night and day like Fred Astair's song "Night and Day",i always try to live my life as old fashion as possible it makes it more real to me so i consider every day 1939!
  9. Nice to meet you all ladies!!
  10. Hi, I'm still new, too!

    I'm Ami, (hence Mimi), I live in Baltimore. Married, 2 kids, housewife for now. Trying to figure out how to make this whole Retrophile thing a paying job! Formerly a hairdresser and makeup artist, I spend a lot of time studying vintage styling and am happy to answer any questions or offer any help that I can.

    I collect mostly late 40s and 50s, even some very early 60s...in clothing and decor. We have a 50s Cape that we're renovating/redecorating and that takes a lot of work and time, but it's more fun than I thought. My husband always liked the mid-Century, but never got into the clothes until me, now he's hooked! He buys hats downtown at the Hattery that's been there since the 20s. Sinatra used to buy from them, too. He's a police officer with a plain clothes assignment, so he is really enjoying the 40s detective look!

    I guess that's about it...I'm happy to meet you all!
  11. birdiepie

    birdiepie New in Town

    Hi there,

    I haven't made a formal introduction yet either. I also found this forum whilst searching for vintage hairdo styling tips (I've been wearing the SAME do for years- it's convenient, looks good on me, but I want a change). I'm 24, live in NYC and attend art school. If it weren't for the allure of an unstable career in illustration- I probably would have gone into lingerie design. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend that shares a love for the days of yore- we like our furnishings pre WWII (though, it's a hodgepodge of eras- so long as it matches!) and live in an apartment in a victorian brownstone.

    I started going to flea markets in and out of NYC while in highschool... as I got older, and mobility became less of an issue I started going to flea markets all along the east coast (and making little ventures slightly further west). I probably work more than I need to, just to support my flea market/antique store habit. My only serious vintage collection involves 78's, but I love vintage fashions (mostly 20's - 50's) and will buy various vintage/antique home items and ephemera. I could probably open up my own store with all my "old stuff", but I wouldn't be able to part with most of it!
  12. Hello everyone! I have been here about a month now. I came accross this board while looking for a dress to wear to my cousins wedding in October. I had no idea that there were so many people that had similar interests in vintage stuff like I do. I inherited my love of it from my wonderful mother and grandparents who raised me. I have always felt I was born in the wrong time period. I am almost 33 (birthday next week) :) I have been married for 8 yrs to my DH who I met online. He is not into retro stuff but he loves it on me. I only purchased my first piece of vintage clothing ,a 40's house dress, recently on ebay. I have never made a point of dressing vintage because I didn't think I could find anything affordable and in my size. My weight has been fluctuating for a few years do to an knee injury. :rage: Anyway, I am on my way to slimming down and can't wait to put together a nice wordrobe that I love and feel more at home in then wide leg jeans. :p I have been learning so much from you all about hair and makeup and I am just loving this place! My favorite movie stars are Deanna Durbin, Ginger Rogers, Ann Sothern, Jeanette MacDonald, and Teresa Wright.
  13. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Wow! I had no idea that so many of you are new! I am very pleased to meet you all and have absolutely loved reading all about you. I can tell by what you say that you truly have come to the right place and are certainly amongst kindred spirits. Welcome to the lounge, ladies, and I look forward to chatting about times gone by (and modern times) on this board with you.
  14. Welcome ladies--it's great to have you here!
  15. Buenos dias, senoritas!

    Hola! I'm from Santiago, Chile -- which in some ways has never left the 1940s -- and I've just arrived in L.A. to live for a year or so, before moving on to Austin, Texas. I'm enjoying the variety of people here, although I do miss my family and the food of my country (empanadas, pastel de choclo, charquican, cazuela, and on and on!).

    My American husband is a vintage fanatic, but I myself have very few pieces of vintage clothing. We collect such odd things as antique absinthe spoons and glasses, Art Deco pipes, and vintage postcards of Chile. I look forward to knowing more about you!
  16. Annalai

    Annalai New in Town

    Hi all,

    I have been here for a while also but mostly lurking. I am Swedish so sorry for my bad English (grammar and spelling). I like the 40's but also the 50's fashion. I am a 23/7 tightlacer. I do not have any "true" style I mix clothes and styles and I also borrows from the 1800 century. The same goes for my home it is in a mixed style but with no modern furnitures (almost).

    I love wearing gloves and hats. I have a very hard time to find vintage clothes here in Sweden but I keep on looking. I am petite with a very small waist 18 inches it also makes it hard to find anything.

  17. decodoll

    decodoll Practically Family

    I'm fairly new as well and don't think I ever really introduced myself. I'm from San Francisco and just moved into a new 1920's (best guess) apartment which I am really enjoying decorating a mix of 30's through 50's. I think someone else mentioned that they are going for a look of someone that has gradually furnished a home over the years and that is exactly what I am hoping for as well.

    My vintage interests lay in the 20's through 50's vintage with a special love for the late 30's/early 40's. I have a degree in fashion design and collect vintage sewing patterns (long live ebay! :D ). Many of which I use to make my own "vintage" outfits. I'm fairly obsessed with hair curling implements (I have very fine hair which hates to hold a curl) and am always on the search for something easier/better to acheive long lasting curls in a short amount of time!

    I've really enjoyed reading all your posts and have gotten some really wonderful tips!
  18. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    DecoDoll, it seems that we have a lot in common! I also graduated from fashion design school and make my own clothing from vintage patterns (mostly from Ebay), and my hair is fine and despised curling. Grr... If you know any good tricks, I'd love to hear them! Ha! And we have the same shoe size! Who woulda thunk? What school did you graduate from? Love the icon, btw.
  19. decodoll

    decodoll Practically Family

    I graduated from the Academy of Art College here in San Francisco. What school did you go to? I wish I did have some really good tips! The best thing I've found besides sleeping in rollers, are Caruso Steam rollers, but I'm waiting for the Hot Sticks I just won on ebay. I've heard good things and have high hopes for them! Someday, I have to sit down and really focus on learning to do a good pincurl! And thanks! That's me at the Gatsby Picnic last weekend. I finished my dress and hat about 1:00 am the morning of the picnic....I like to live dangerously!
  20. Looks like I'm a bit late coming in on this but here goes. My name is Holly. My online name is ITG, which stands for Indiana Texas Girl, my moniker at Indygear. I came to this site because of a love for the 1940s. It's great to see how the Powder Room is growing.

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