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The Great Beer Thread

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Andykev, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. dnjan

    dnjan One Too Many

    Those of us with gray hair thank you!

    I believe it is the hops component of beer that does not age well.

    I believe all of the aged beers that I have had depended upon malt complexity (combined with alcohol) for their flavor profile.
  2. Dogfish Head is probably my favorite brand of beer. I have imbibed:

    60 Minute IPA
    90 Minute IPA
    Palo Santo Marron
    Midas Touch
    Burton Baton
    Punkin Ale
    Raison D'Etre
    Indian Brown Ale
    Immort Ale
    Festina Peche
    Tweason Ale
    Chicory Stout
    Saison du Buff

    Still waiting to try the 120 Minute. I also have some other bottles in my collection that I haven't tried yet.
  3. You're not alone. At least as one of mine.
    Don't miss World Wide Stout or Squall.
  4. Ironically, it is also hops that helps keep beer fresh.

    The volatile oils that provide hops aroma and, to a lesser extent, flavor break down over time (and fairly rapidly). This is one reason why hoppy beers are considered best when consumed young. But those oils that isomerize (providing bitterness) act as a preservative. Yeast and fermentation byproducts can make young beers harsh. Some of these go away with time. Others just hang around. Malty beers with complex profiles (which are often quite hoppy, as well) tend to do... something. If they're big, they tend to become less harsh. Otherwise, it's a bit like aging wine, I suppose. For long-term storage, however, oxidation is the killer. That's why beers that are meant to be aged are often corked, or dipped in wax. Crown caps leak, and oxidized beer tastes like wet cardboard. UV light is also problematic, but only if you're being reckless, where brown bottles are concerned.
  5. Ah yes. The cork. :p
  6. I haven't had the pleasure of trying those as of yet. We don't get the full range down here in Texas. A couple of those on my list I had to pick up while visiting my old hometown of Cincinnati. I didn't see the WWS or Squall while I was there.
  7. Seraph1227

    Seraph1227 One of the Regulars

    Molsen xxx, and a local microbrewery offering Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  8. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    Newcastle Cabbie Black Ale
    Dark color and a coffee finish, I love this beer!
  9. BladeOfAnduril

    BladeOfAnduril One of the Regulars

    It's a travesty that this threat has been collecting dust for a year!

    So I have a bottle of Weyerbacher Blasphemy that I've been aging in the cellar for a year. It's an 11.8% ABV(!) Belgian Quadruple ale that was aged in old whiskey barrels. I love this brew when it's fresh. I'm really looking forward to cracking this open on some special occasion.

    Any of you age brews? Anything in your cellar calling to you?
  10. dnjan

    dnjan One Too Many

    Every December a local brewery (Hale's Ales) releases their winter beer, Wee Heavy. Usually they have a barrel-aged version.
    I always buy a few bottles and put them away. Over Christmas I open the previous year's version.
    Also, a number of years ago they did a collaboration with some women involved with local breweries. It was called Tres Fems, and was described as a Belgian Golden brewed with sour cherries. It was OK, and I bought a few bottles and forgot about them. A few years later I ran into them and opened one. Wonderful. The cherry had combined with a saisson note from the yeast to make a fantastic beer. Hope they brew it again so I can set aside a case for 3-4 years.

    Right now, there is stuff in the cellar but nothing is "calling". I prefer those kind of beers more when it is cooler out and the weather has gotten warm recently.
  11. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    My tastes really haven't changed.
    I still like a dark stout, and Founders has a Breakfast Stout that fits the bill.
    A bit high dollar as beer goes, but the ABV is over 10%.
    Here they are $3+ dollars each, so it's more of a beer to enjoy than just drink one after another.
    Or, after 3 beers you'll get Harv's favorite beer in name only...FACE PLANT. :eeek:
  12. Was at a specialty shop today and the fella working there talked me into buying a six-pack of a root beer flavored Ale.
    It tasted exactly like a bottle of root beer, but sat VERY heavy.
  13. BladeOfAnduril

    BladeOfAnduril One of the Regulars

    Would that happen to have been "Not Your Father's Root Beer"? I picked up a 6 pack of their 5% abv (thought I understand they make a 10%) and it's very good.
  14. gear-guy

    gear-guy Practically Family

    I have had the 10% and it is good. Sweet but enjoyable. I understand that they have a 19% on tap but have never had it.
  15. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    Sweet kids-maltbeer, the one and only "real craftbeer", or not?




  16. DJH

    DJH I'll Lock Up

    Today was National Beer Day. I celebrated this evening with one of the offerings from one of our local craft breweries, Martin House Brewing. Very nice too!

  17. DJH

    DJH I'll Lock Up

    A couple of weeks ago I got to spend three days at the Craft Brewer's Conference in Philly.

    Lots of great beer to try (beer stations were set up all through the exhibit halls) and it is interesting to find some new ideas.

    Still dozens of new IPAs of course, as always, some better than others.


    Here's part of our display for date coding on cans:

  18. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    David, I remember when you posted about going. Sounds like it was an enjoyable time & maybe you got some business from it.

    I went to Whiskeyfest in Chicago once a few yrs ago. I wouldn't do it again without a VIP ticket, & I won't pay the price for one of those so I likely won't go again.

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