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What are you wearing today??

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by moustache, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. HanauMan

    HanauMan A-List Customer

    Sounds good but I'd perhaps wear a pair of chinos instead of jeans. I just think that they would go better with the seersucker and panama hat. At the end of the day wear what is comfortable for you.
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  2. rockascout

    rockascout New in Town

  3. Walnut AEs
  4. White duck twill Polo RL trousers (vintage, super high rise), double inverted pleats, no cuffs, moderate breadth to the trousers legs, white linen short sleeve shirt with box pleated and flapped double breast pockets; neatly ironed and pressed, of course. Almond colored linen safari jacket with box pleated and flapped pockets (4; 2 breast, and 2 hip), and half belted back with notch lapel and single vent with turn back cuffs. Khaki canvass military belt with silver roll buckle, and putty/wheat colored plain toe Oxfords in leather which coordinate with the khaki belt while not matching exactly. Assorted Art Deco Silver jewelry, no tie, Panama hat, and burgundy Mazarin socks.
  5. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Levi's type-III Trucker denim jacket with light blue jeans and Harley Davidson engineer boots:
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  6. linen top, canvas bottom, silk vintage nekerchief and a flat cap pjimage-64.jpg
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  7. pjimage-65.jpg

    MIxed top and bottom, linen shirt with tie pin and t-straps, vintage shades
  8. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Carolina logger boots, with a Wrangler flannel jacket and my grey-blue Donegal Tweed cap. :)
  9. Nothing special, a t-shirt, Nudie Grim Tim dry hemp 14oz selvedge jeans, and 60s rough-out military boots [​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 Practically Family

    Today wearing my workmen jeans....1930s workmen jeans bought in the present....today called differently

    Strangely I like to wear them....I just bought another pair in white.....they give me comfort in a way don't know why....


  11. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 Practically Family

  12. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 Practically Family

    Today it's called ripped jeans....

    For moi....it's workmen jeans

    just had to clarified that.;)
  13. LINEN-WOOL blend coat (part of a suit) and wool trousers, tab club-collar shirt, silk tie and square, wool cap and oxblood stitched leather sole brogues (not visible) - ya'll have a greta weekend :)

  14. Stetson whippet and AE Odenwalds

    Attached Files:

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  15. Dnewma04

    Dnewma04 One of the Regulars

    My beautiful wife and I last Friday at a wedding along with my long time close friends.

    The suit is a made to measure suit I finally splurged in. The tie a Brioni. Unfortunately, it was way too hot to wear the hat from Esther.


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  16. Dressed for lunch with my daughter


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  17. pjimage-70.jpg

    Cashmere and wool blend coat, claw collar shirt, hand rolled silk tie, vintage boater
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  18. today's effort includes extrafine merino wool cardy, wool - cashmere blend trousers, tab collar shirt, hand rolled silk tie, tweed baker cap, and calf ox blood brogues

  19. Mercer

    Mercer Familiar Face

    I took the photos at the end of the day, hence the wrinkles:




    J. Crew v-neck
    Brooks Brothers OCBD
    Orvis shotshell bison belt
    Bill's Khakis
    Dan Post Cowboy Certified socks (not visible)
    Lucchese Since 1883 boots (brown label)

    Also wore a Cockpit brown leather flight jacket:

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