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What Did You Drink Last Night?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by kiltie, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. First time reading your post, I thought you said you had five Irish Creams on the rocks and thought, holy cow, those are really heavy to have five of. Then, of course, I re-read and thought "oh, 'Five Farms,' that makes sense."
  2. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    It's supposed to be a premium Irish Cream new to this market. The Five Farms are in Cork. I picked up a bottle for the holidays & it is very good; much better then Baileys. It would be a waste to drink this any other way than OTR.
  3. When I was younger, I used to enjoy Baileys a lot, but now it seems too heavy to me - a small tumbler or even a half-a-small-tumbler OTR is all I want now. I'll look for Five Farms and give it a try.
  4. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    I don't buy much of it either but I usually keep a bottle around. I like a shot or two in ice coffee in the summer & OTR during the holidays, in front of the fireplace.
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  5. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    New City Breweries Butternut Stout on tap. 7% Abv. Definitely had a butternut flavor to it but somewhat artificial. Good friends made up for that!

    "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" -- Stephen Wright
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  6. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

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  7. Sapphire London dry & tonic with a twist of lime. Perfect in the tropics.

  8. Looks very inviting. I bet it will be difficult to find a seat.
  9. It can be at times, but it isn't like some Manhattan bars which seem to be at full capacity 24/7. It still has more of a neighborhood feel and following to it as it hasn't been "discovered" by tourists or become a cool "go-to" spot for New Yorkers.
  10. Dnewma04

    Dnewma04 One of the Regulars

    Tonight’s treats:


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  11. Gameplan for tonight is

    af0c4bea-774f-4220-bec7-ab333034eaa6_1.acef186862e8411b8071b2c33c4f5e71.jpeg + 389753.jpg + maxresdefault.jpg =

    A good Christmas Season evening
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  12. St. Pauli Girl last night.

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  13. A few Angry Orchards while sitting out back on the deck.
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  14. Julian Shellhammer

    Julian Shellhammer One of the Regulars

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  15. Julian Shellhammer

    Julian Shellhammer One of the Regulars

    Recently, the Pennsylvania spiked eggnog, and another spiked eggnog whose name I forget.
    Last night, Jim Beam neat whilst reading.
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  16. Grapefruit Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point. Very tasty.

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  17. Sounds like something I might enjoy. I’ Put it on my list of things to get.
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  18. A number of Guinness and Christmas chocolate porter ales last night at a Christmas party with people from work.
  19. If you've been good, maybe Santa will bring you a sixer

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  20. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Had a full pint of Guinness while watching the game.

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