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    My Mother Says...

    Actually, I find that the only person I have to please is myself, and to try and not embarrass my son too badly. My son, luckily, is very supportive of the dress, and one compliment from him (and he's not stingy with them) more then makes up for any criticism from anyone else. Any time a...
  2. Elaina


    I knew what you meant, but my mom started me in the longline bra/girlde panty. I never had any other kind of shapewear until I bought my own. Too tight...I had to wear a corset for scoliosis. I have the other problem: I don't know what to do if I am not encased like a sausage. But kamikat...
  3. Elaina


    IMO Only I find there is no comparison. Spanx does a great job for light control, and if you have curves, I've found the tend to roll down somewhat. My vintage style doesn't do that, ever. I don't know about "starter", when I started to develop, my mom made sure I had proper undergarments...
  4. Elaina

    Hat on the Bed?

    For the record, black cats is bad luck in the US. Apparently, in the UK and Japan it's a white cat that is bad luck. Apparently, I'm not superstitious enough, most of my cats have been, and is, solid black. I've head the bad luck with hats on a bed came from the time people had lice, and...
  5. Elaina

    Best quotes - Merged thread - Keep it Clean! No dashes! No Symbols!

    You just put your lips together...and blow. Of course, I'm not Steve.
  6. Elaina

    female clothing sizes (made in the 1940's-WWII era) to clothing sizes of modern day

    I don't. Christina Hendricks, the voluptuous gal on Mad Men is a size 4, and look at how "fat" people make her out to be.
  7. Elaina

    Sewing Lessons & FAQ

    I looked at sailor collars specifically here on the same site, and it seems to me you'd be making it like you would any other collar: with a top and bottom sewn right sides together, trimmed and then stitched to the inside seam. I also read where the bodice was an oval, giving it a deep...
  8. Elaina

    Project Runway?

    Why does it have to be an either/or thing? Drama IS fun to me. I have a dress I've made from the 40s with a hip swag (fashion), in a deep orange (fun), with classic lines (style), a good drape (elegance), and an unusual bodice (drama). The whole effect is fabulous. I don't think this...
  9. Elaina

    High waist pants for us shorties **Found some!!

    ShoreRoad, I've got the same problem, 32" inseam and I'm 5'4.5". Best thing to do is to get one that fits on the waist (since it looks relatively high compared to the leg letgth) with a more narrow band...you get the same look without the fit issues. Tops, I tend to get a non-petite and alter...
  10. Elaina

    Senator Jack's brush with greatness

    I've got to side with Bella Hell. I wouldn't have said anything, but I wouldn't have rushed to tell anyone. Not a fan, and don't care. Harrison might have been different. I loved The Traveling Wilburys, and possibly of told him it was, and is, one of my favorite albums. But it would have...
  11. Elaina

    Show us what you've made!

    What is this serger you speak of? Heck, I just got a zig zag attachment like 8 months ago! There's nothing I can't make well on my straight stitch I need a fancy pants sewing machine to do. I hate hand sewing, not ironing so much, and yes, you do have to get over both of them in sewing.
  12. Elaina

    Hat making books

    This place has a lot of free books on millinery there that can help decide if you want to invest in the hobby at least.
  13. Elaina

    Rockabilly anyone??

    Hey, nothing wrong with being the local weirdo. It's more obvious at the big gatherings, but it's also pretty prevalent in small clubs too. I go to a place in the Shoals in Alabama where the couple girls that dress in the style apparently don't know each other, and they have the same dresses...
  14. Elaina

    Rockabilly anyone??

    lol It's not just rockabilly, though. Although I see my fair share, and yours too, of Stop Staring dresses when I go to Atlanta. Cars...hey nothing wrong with a little hot pink. I plan on doing just that to my car so no one will drive it. I can't see some of the manly men I know asking...
  15. Elaina

    Rockabilly anyone??

    I live about an hour and a half from the Rockabilly Hall of fame, and I'm lucky that I've heard some really good, relatively unknown bands around here. I prefer the old style, but there's some good newer bands, and I've heard some really great psychobilly stuff here too, but most of it is not...

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