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aero leather jackets

  1. B

    Aero Leather Board Racer sizing advice. Do you get a 44" when you are a 42"

    Hey guys, considering a Board Racer and typically a 42 in most jackets. Found one, broken in yet it is a 44. Does anyone know for the average build male should size up or stay true to their size? I'm a 5"11' 195lb pretty broad-chested male and am thinking that it'll suit just fine. It appears...
  2. A

    WTB: Lost World or Aero size 48-50

    Hi yall, recently got into leather jackets, the really good quality leather kind, and I am looking to acquire myself my first horsehide or steerhide leather jacket. Looking for a casual and 3/4 length jackets. Let me know if any of you guys have anything you want to get rid of. I live in...
  3. A

    For Sale: Aero Premier Range 1920s Work Coat Size 40 Chromexcel FQHH Brown Leather Jacket

    https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Aero-Premier-Range-1920s-Work-Coat-Size-40-Chromexcel-FQHH-Brown-Leather-Jacket/192704342056 For sale, on the bay, a stunning less than one year old Aero Premier Range 1920s Work Coat in brown Chromexcel FQHH. This leather jacket was bought directly from Aero Leather...
  4. Vezio

    Aero Premier Half Belt Review

    Hi, I am for a short time affiliate in Fedora Lounge. Last year I bought a "Aero Leather Premier Half Belt" jacket, that I will review. Everything I will write is only a set of subjective considerations, respect to my personal experience. I liked the Premier Half Belt because it's a pretty short...
  5. R

    First Aero Premier Highwayman leather jacket advice? + interior pockets

    Hi everyone, I've lurked on these forums for awhile because they're a great resource. Only now that I have decided to buy a relatively expensive leather jacket have I created an account to ask for some advice. I'm from England, but I happened to be in Scotland last week so I decided to stop by...
  6. Furrowson

    Help choosing an aero, please.

    Good Morning Folks, After a lot of lurking here and looking on the aero site, I've decided to ask for some help in choosing an aero jacket. Sorry, I know this must get asked a lot. I want something I can wear every day for decades, except when it is really cold when I'll wear my winter coat...
  7. J


    FS is a lightly used Aero Board Racer with brass hardware size 42. I have had the jacket for a little over a year, and unfortunately no longer need it. I have moved to Southern Utah and its either way to hot for the jacket or way to cold for it. The jacket is just starting to break in. The...
  8. Ricky Sinaga

    F.S. FQHH Aero Highwayman Leather Jacket | Brown | Size 38

    Hi, i'm looking to sell my FQHH Aero Highwayman Size 38 Leather Jacket, have a look : This jacket is very nice with its used effects, here's the details : DETAILS: √√√ Aero Leather ( Made in Scotland ) √√√ Conditions : Wearable in a Good Condition √√√ Size: 38, Measurement : -...
  9. Witchtrip

    Need Aero Premier Highwayman customization advice

    Hello, This is my first post on TFL. I'm anxiously awaiting a fit jacket from Thurston Bros for my first custom Aero Premier Highwayman. I've been scouring the threads absorbing as much info as possible on the available options. I've pretty much got it sorted, but there are a couple of final...
  10. Uffizi

    Aero Leather Response Time

    Just wondering if anybody knows the response time for Aero leather. I sent them an email about 2 weeks ago and then another 1 week ago inquiring about a custom leather jacket and have yet to get a response. It wasn't a super in detail question just a very simple "could you make this jacket in...
  11. lina

    Aero jacket lining -- Midweight or Heavyweight tartan?

    As i think about possibly ordering another Aero (probably Maxwell) I am wondering about going up from the current midweight tartan I have to a heavyweight tartan. I know the difference in "oz per square inch" as listed on Lochharren's website, but that doesn't mean much to me. Just curious is...

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