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  1. R

    Selling black Vicenza Aero Sheene jacket

    Hello all, I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this. But I am selling my black Vicenza sheene jacket. I got the jacket brand new earlier this year (mid March) and have just not fallen in love with it like I hoped. Unfortunately it is just not meshing with my style. It’s in great...
  2. R

    Aero sheene black Vicenza elbow stretching

    Hello all, I received my custom aero sheene about a month ago, it fits great (thanks to some awesome advice from everyone here) and is breaking in and becoming very comfortable. My only issue is that the elbows are almost bagged out, I tried looking up this issue and couldn’t find anything...
  3. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    I'm sure that this question has been asked before, but I can't find the thread. Besides, I get a certain satisfaction from ruffling the feathers of those who would say, "THIS QUESTION HAS ALREADY BEEN ASKED X NUMBER OF TIMES, IDIOT!" That question is this: I'm on the verge of purchasing a new...
  4. Konrad Seifert

    What do you think about my new AERO

    Hey people, I'm quite new to the forum and still owe you an introduction: I am Konrad from Berlin and I love heritage clothing, raw denim, hats, leather jackets and all the good stuff that will last for generations. Last Saturday I received a new AERO jacket. It's a 1950's College Jacket in...
  5. BotanPhotography

    FS: Aeroleather A2 Vicenza 42-18775-P

    Hey everyone! I started hitting the gym hard in the past year, and it means I quickly outgrew this jacket. I have worn it maybe three or four times. The P2P is 21.75", and the sleeve length is 25". Shoulder is 18" and back length is 24.5" There are more details and photos here, the jacket still...
  6. Heartnsoul

    Stunning Aero Custom Bootlegger Wool-Horsehide Two Tone Jacket (Courduroy Lined) Men's 42

    Hey all! I’m new here as a member, but have used these forums for a long time and am grateful to be here. I just bought this sweet jacket from Thurston- it took months to get due to COVID closing the aero factory, but when I got it, everyone in my family told me it wasn’t my style so I decided...
  7. Jejupe

    FS:Aero Aeromarine size 50, natural Vicenca

    Due to my recent weight loss, one of my favorites has become too big for me, so it's looking for a new home. A rare opportunity to get a larger sized Aeromarine from second hand market! This one is made of natural Vicenza, lined with cotton tartan and it's still far from being broken in and...
  8. T

    WTB Black Vicenza Sheene/Cafe Racer

    Exactly like the topic titles says. Currently the proud owner of a brown FQHH CXL Sheene that I purchased off TFL from Seank and I’m hooked. Looking to purchase a black or blackened brown Vicenza Sheene or cafe racer that I could get more use out of here in Florida until I can wear the...
  9. D

    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    Hi there, New member and first-time "poster" here but somewhat of a long-time lurker to TFL. I'd like to offer these here before posting up eBay to try and be a bit more of a productive member here as I'm not typically the type to post on internet forums. I have two items for sale, both...
  10. M

    Premier Highwayman: A Bumpy Journey

    Evening gents & ladies, This is just a post to give credit to my experience with the team @ Aero Leather and the ups and downs of this journey. To give a transparent background of the entire story, I'll explain the 6 month history I have with the company and the certainty that I'll wish to...
  11. Sree

    STYLE- Seven (Board Racer with August collar) 46 Size - For Sale

    For sale is a gorgeous 46 Size STYLE- Seven (Board Racer with August collar) with single point yoke (like on standard Highwayman), plain back (no vertical split seam and NO internal and NO external kidney panel), Four-Pocket front (two horizontal chest pockets and two hand warmers), sleeve zips...
  12. Captain Sensible


    Posted this beaut on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323953643619 Happy to do a deal for a Lounger
  13. P

    Selling Aero aeromarine natural color horsehide jacket size 44

    Hi All, I'm selling my barely worn natural horsehide Aero jacket. I have this listed on ebay and i'd thought I should also throw it on here. I've sold lots of footwear on R/goodyearwelt if you need references. Let me know if you have any questions. (see attached photos) Asking $800.00 OBO...
  14. VestCoast

    New Aero D-Pocket Ridley-Blackened Brown Vicenza

    Hi all, I ordered this Aero D-Pocket Ridley off the Thurston Bros featured stock page a little less than a week ago and got it in the mail today. I was hoping to get some feedback on the fit/appearance. I am leaning towards keeping it, I'm really happy with the lighter weight leather and...
  15. Captain Sensible

    Aero Ridley Size 38 Black Vicenza - New w/tags

    Aero Ridley D-Pocket Black Size 38, Black Vicenza, Julie Leitch https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323709172266 Measurements Pit to Pit - 21" Shoulders - 17 1/2" Sleeve - 25" Length - 25" Waist. - 18 1/2"
  16. V

    Help on new board racer

    i want a new board racer and I am not sure about which leather or colour to choose . I am torn between black Vicenza , tumbled fqhh and blue navy Vicenza. On all the photos I have seen the blue looks nearly black with just a subtle blueish note ,which i like. Does it look like this also in...
  17. DarkKnight

    2 Aero Jackets For Sale (Board Racer and Premiere Highwayman)

    Hey all, I'm selling two of my Aero jackets for funds and because they no longer fit me. I'm including the links to the eBay posting which has all details, but I'll also copy that info and a couple of the photos here. Feel free to ask questions! Premiere Highwayman Board Racer
  18. Thnikkaman

    FS: Aero Premier Half -Belt, Dark Seal Vicenza Horsehide, 36, barely used

    Hi all! After much trepidation, I've decided to part with my Horsehide Premier Half-belt. Specs are as follows: -Size 36 -Dark Seal Vicenza Horsehide -Antique brass zippers, ball and chain pull on the chest pocket -Lochcarron Hunting Modern lightweight tartan lining, black cotton drill sleeves...
  19. M

    My first jacket worthy of this lounge, just joined - AERO!

    New here. Just got my very first "custom" jacket this morning! (it was custom made for somebody else, but it's still custom! I got it used.) Aero 1930's Half Belt, size 42, (Black?) Vicenza Italian Horsehide Leather! Um . . . WOW! I'm 42 and so is my chest. It took my entire life to move...
  20. DarkKnight

    Which Aero Leather is the softest of them all?!

    Alright y'all - I feel I've asked this before, but I'm gonna ask again anyway! I'm in the process of ordering a custom Premier Highwayman lined with either Rayon the whole way through, or a shearling body with Rayon sleeves and a fur collar. I started out with a Thunderbay, but didn't like the...

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