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    Toronto, Canada
    A whole box of assorted 78 rpm records. All are in great condition and play perfectly. Dates range from 1920's - 1950's.

    Listed by Label: Band - A side ; B side


    Les Brown & His Band of Renown - The Moon Was Yellow ; Deep Purple
    Owen Bradley & His Quintet - The Strange Little Girl ; Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
    Johnny Desmond - You're in Love With Someone ; The Yellow Rose of Texas


    The Charms - Who Knows ; Hearts of Stone [there are two of these]
    Eddie Smith & The Chief - Down Yonder ; Sweet Bunch of Daisies
    The Hilltoppers - Bettina ; If I Didn't Care
    The Hilltoppers - PS. I Love You ; I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)
    Slim Whitman - Stairway to Heaven ; Lord Help Me Be as Thou
    Slim Whitman - Roll on Silvery Moon ; Haunted Hungry Heart
    Slim Whitman - I'll Never Take You Back Again ; I'll Never Stop Loving You
    Doc Williams - Snow Deer ; Broken Memories
    Will Jordan - Roast of the Town [both sides]
    Cowboy Copas - From the Manger to the Cross ; King of Kings
    Bud Messner & His Sky Line Boys - Slippin' Around With Joe Blon - I Died All Over You
    The Shepherd Sisters - I Walked Beside the Sea ; Alone


    Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters - West Virginia Gals ; Carolina Moonshiner
    Colonial Club Orchestra - I'll Think of You ; Beautiful


    Bull Moose Jackson - All My Love Belongs to You ; I Want a Bowlegged Woman
    Benny Lee & the Stargazers - Piper Jock Mackay ; Sandy's Tune


    Hazel Scott - Hazel's Boogie Woogie ; Blues in B Flat
    Harry Horlick & His Orchestra - Deep in My Heart, Dear ; One Kiss
    Harry Horlick & His Orchestra - The Merry Widow ; Gypsy Princess
    Bobby Helms - Heartsick Feeling ; Fraulein
    Mary Martin and Guy Lombardo - Come to the Mardi Gras ; Almost Like Being in Love
    Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - April Showers ; If I Had My Way
    Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra - Charmaine ; Where a Man is Free
    Ted Straeter & His Orchestra - Dancing With Tears in My Eyes; It Happened in Montery


    Jan August - San Antonio Rose ; Oriental Blues
    Frankie Laine - Stars and Stripes Forever ; Thanks For Your Kisses
    Richard Hayes and Kitty Kallen - Our Lady of Fatima ; Honestly I Love You
    Rusty Draper - Time ; The Shifting Whispering Sands
    Rusty Draper - Gambler's Guitar ; Free Home Demonstration


    Nora Bayes - Taxation Blues ; Prohibition Blues
    Al Herman - Which Hazel ; You're Out o' Luck
    Joe Weber and Lew Fields - Restaurant Scene ; Trust Scene
    Beatrice Kay & Her Kay Jammers - Why Do They Always Say No? ; The Old Piano Roll Blues
    Frankie Carle - Mexicali Rose ; Rose of Washington Square
    Frankie Carle & His Orchestra - I'd Be Lost Without You ; Cyntia's in Love
    The Four Voices - Lovely One ; Geronimo

    MGM Records:

    Betty Madigan - Joey ; And So I Walked Home
    Betty Madigan - I Had the Funniest Feeling ; Be a Little Darlin'
    Betty Madigan - A Saluté ; The Wheels of Love
    Kay Armen - La La Lu ; Bella Notte [From Lady & the Tramp]
    Joni James - Let There Be Love ; The Nearness of You

    His Master's Voice:

    Henri's Orchestra - Love Will Find a Way ; Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care)
    John McCormack - Deal Old Pal of Mine ; [no B side]
    Joseph C Smith's Orchestra - Hindustan ; 'N' Everything

    Victor (HMV):

    George Olsen & His Music - I'm in Seventh Heaven ; Little Pal
    George Olsen & His Music - Where Were you, Where Was I? ; The High Hatters - Right Out of Heaven
    George Olsen & His Music - Makin' Whoopee ; Until You Get Somebody Else
    Frank Crumit - The Return of the Gay Caballero ; A Tale of the Ticker
    Victor Military Band - My Own Iona ; Conway's Band - Lucy's Sextette
    Gene Austin - Yearning ; No Wonder
    Correll & Gosden - No Wonder I'm Happy ; Somebody and Me
    The Great White Way Orchestra - All Over Nothing at All ; Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Homesick
    Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Lazy ; What'll I Do
    Franklyn Baur - Little Mother ; I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In
    McKee Trio - The Miracle of Love ; Gavotte
    The Benson Orchestra of Chicago - Lonely Little Wallflow'r ; Philip Spitalny & His Orchestra - Worryin' Blues
    Art Landry & His Orchestra - Lazy Blues ; I'll Get You
    Honolulu Serenaders - Honolulu Stomp ; Mele of Hawaii

    RCA Victor (HMV): John Charles Thomas - Bluebird of Happiness ; The Last Time I Saw Paris

    Bluebird (HMV): Earl Hines & His Orchestra - The Father Jumps ; The Jitney Man

    Domino: Blue Room Club Orchestra - Wedding of the Painted Doll ; Rendezvous Cafe Orchestra - Let's Play House

    Beltona: Jim Cameron & His Scottish Dance Band - La Russe ; Broun's Reel

    Reo: The Ravens - Green Eyes ; The Bells of San Raquel

    Velvet Tone: Lloyd Keating & His Music - An Evening in Caroline ; Why Did it Have to be Me?

    Have everything for $45.00 or best offer + shipping. Any questions please PM me.
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    There are a few im interested in, would you be willing to part them out?
  3. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Toronto, Canada
    I sure would! :)
  4. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Toronto, Canada

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