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Bates style action back Vs. Aero style shoulder gussets

Marc mndt

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If you are buying vintage you very well may get a jacket where the elastic on the action back has worn out. i had this problem on a G-1 I purchased and it was an easy repair for my tailor, as @Aloysius said.
It's actually such an easy fix that it can easily be done at home. All you need is a needle and thread. Here's the 'how to' :



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Logically, Aero's gusset must have less potential because the opening is smaller.
In the meantime, however, I am no longer a fan of gussets. I would order my Sheene today without a gusset. Visually, it is already very massive at the back.
With the 5* it is a little better.
But footballs on the armpits I like
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Football underarms are a definite big win!!


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What would you say this measurement is?
Does anyone have an option if this jacket was flattened and pulled out with the arms up, what would you guess it would measure?
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Anyone with experience with this back style and especially the underarm footballs I think they are called, does this just create extra mobility?
It almost looks like it extends slightly into the very most upper pit to pit.
This photo of @99mex's J-106 is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier on in this thread, how this particular type of shoulder gussets that Aero is implementing is actually ineffective and disadvantageous.

Look what happened to them on a leather jacket that was actually used for riding...