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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Bahabp100, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Bahabp100

    Bahabp100 One of the Regulars

    I figured I’d start a thread since I have a few questions that maybe someone can answer, so here goes
    1- what were the years Branded Garments made jackets for retail? Approximately?
    2- What is the difference between BG gold label and the more often seen black leather label ?
    3– do the jackets have names or model numbers .
    4- are there any style of BG jackets than are not thick or not good
    5- are all of their Motorcycle jackets extra thick like “the beast” as featured in classifieds or not ?
    6- do the sizes run small? Or large?
    Thanks in advance for answering and posting new questions
  2. Monitor


    I can answer only question no. 6. In my experience, Branded cross zips and racer jackets run true to size or rather, smaller than most other brands in the same size. Branded 42 is indeed close to 42" chest circumference. I could pull off a 46 which by any other maker would've been unwearable for me.
  3. casechopper

    casechopper My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Northern NJ
    Here's my experience with Branded Garments
    4 - I have 3 of their jackets. 2 are very thick leather. 1 has a much lighter thinner leather. All of the leather feels like good quality leather to me.

    5 - No. The thin leather jacket I have of theirs is a motorcycle style cross zip.

    6 - I have a police style jacket in a 42 that fits like a modern 42. 1 vintage CR in a size 42 that fits a bit slimmer than most modern 42 jackets. One vintage cross zip in a 42 that is borderline unwearably tight and fits a bit snug even when compared to vintage size 42's. My conclusion would be sizing can vary but generally they fit on the slimmer side of their tagged sizing. None of the ones I have fit large.

    TREEMAN One Too Many

    I bought one of there x-zips new 30 yrs ago. Remember it being of average thickness. Nothing special.
  5. Guppy

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    Cleveland, OH
    I don't know when they started operations, but they went out of business sometime in the last year, I think in 2020.

    Their jackets had model names, but it wasn't like they were particularly memorable.

    I had a Branded crosszip perfecto clone that wasn't made from super heavy leather. And I also had a center zip that was made from super heavy leather. The one that wasn't super heavey was still a decent mid-weight leather and was very nice, but I moved it on for fit reasons. The one that was super heavy was so stiff around the band collar that I didn't want to break it in, and sold it on.
  6. Schambach

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    NYC/Hudson Valley
    Is this the same Branded Leather that was on 35th Street in Queens? I worked nearby for years, really kicking myself for never stopping in.
  7. Bahabp100

    Bahabp100 One of the Regulars

    Yes Long Island City I believe
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  8. Bahabp100

    Bahabp100 One of the Regulars

    Some examples of Branded Garments Gold on Black label. The company was 4CFD31DF-E0B9-4E04-B53E-EDAE01DF644C.jpeg B31AC3B0-0F8F-407D-8C13-C8A8110FE4E2.png 51D22890-C50A-4F65-8ED2-CE87FB8917F1.png also the Orchard M/C Co.
  9. Flying Monkey

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    Been a lurker for several years, first time poster. Best site ever. I currently have 4 Brandeds. One Perfecto clone, two crosszip chps, and one sort of cafe racer. All seem to run a bit small. I'm 5'8" and 170 lbs average build and their size 44 fits great. All different leather too. One is almost featureless like new Langlitz, the others are quite grainy. I sold a size 46 Branded chp last year to a friend who is at least 6" taller than me and powerfully built. That jacket ran obviously very large and I think was made of Indominus Rex hide. Heaviest jacket I have ever had. Perhaps a custom. As to quality, the ones I have are nice, but definitely not works of art like some of the high end stuff I see on this site. I think Branded used to make jackets for one of the cigarette companies. I've never handled one, but they look like thinner leather than their regular stuff. One caveat, their chp model is very thick and heavy and is not comfortable to wear unless you're used to that sort of thing and like it.

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