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Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by memphislawyer, Oct 29, 2018.

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    Been using a Musgo Real soap for the face. I have experienced some dryness around the folds of my nose and then between my eyebrows. So thinking I need a creamier soap, even if that is a bottled face soap. Used to love Floris Rose Geranium soaps as they were creamy and smelled great - think it may have been the tallow that made them that way. Not looking to be uber expensive, but a face soap will last me many months. Primarily using it at night, since the wife has a bottle of hand soap in a pretty decanter on her sink, and then I have the various bath soaps and scrubs in the shower.

    Creaminess and definitely thinking I need moisturizing. I have been bouncing around in my head with Mitchell's Wool Fat (using lanolin), or L'Occitane with Shea Butter (mostly natural ingredients, a nit pricey) or Cetaphil face cleaners (but prefer soap I guess). Or even the Yardley bars at Walmart since they have tallow.

    Suggestions and even links are appreciated.
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    I use Kirk's Original Coco Castile Pure Botanical Coconut Oil Soap. I started using that my work was renovating and I had allergic reaction to all the crud they were putting into the air. Never gone back to anything else.

    I see a listing on Walmart for 3 bars for US$12 or so.
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    I've liked Kirk's as well, and at times Pears soap, which is a very old glycerine based brand. Right now I just use Ivory because cheap.

    (Housekeeping note: This has been moved to Front Parlor as the Beauty forum is ladies only)

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